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  • fvA
  • 20 Mar 2024

Oppopppppo, 20 Mar 2024450$ only dimensity 7050?, you can get a snapdragon 8 gen 1... moreLike what? Do u have any recommendations?

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    • Oppopppppo
    • y6V
    • 20 Mar 2024

    450$ only dimensity 7050?, you can get a snapdragon 8 gen 1 with this price.

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      • Mikkee
      • gIx
      • 20 Mar 2024

      Price high feature not good, no esim

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        • fvA
        • 20 Mar 2024

        Im about getting it so if anyone has it would u recommend it? Would it be a better investment if i get the reno 11 pro or is it not that much of a difference?

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          • Joyle
          • 84G
          • 19 Mar 2024

          kurungkong24, 16 Feb 2024I dunno why bought this phone 5days after the released date... moreHi,sir dies it's support multi user account

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            • Humanoidph
            • y6V
            • 19 Mar 2024

            EJM, 14 Mar 2024What happen to your HONOR 70 now? Is it durable since i doe... moreI unfortunately lost it... Though Honor is well known for its durability, but mine had dents and some color or paint on the sides worn off after owning it for a year.

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              • EJM
              • yVw
              • 14 Mar 2024

              Humanoidph, 05 Mar 2024The design is better when youre holding it compared to what... moreWhat happen to your HONOR 70 now? Is it durable since i doesn't have Gorilla Glass Protection

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                • Humanoidph
                • y6V
                • 05 Mar 2024

                The design is better when youre holding it compared to what youre seeing here, sister bought the green and i bought the gray one, both looks great, performance is very nice, camera isnt too interesting since the honor 70 i owned before does better things. But Speakers, screen, software, battery, performance is probably one of the best out of all midranges

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                  • Joseph
                  • tui
                  • 04 Mar 2024

                  Bought Reno 11. Gsmarena please fix the spec of video recording. At 4k only can do 30 fps and not 60 fps stated in gsmarena.

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                    • Forgotten fathers
                    • XBE
                    • 01 Mar 2024

                    Anonymous, 29 Jan 2024One of the worst looking phone in recent memoryDon't look at the nothing 2a, if you think this is the worst looking design.

                      Vindieta, 27 Feb 2024Everyone here just a commentator. LOL. Commenting and criti... moreYeah they don't have personality and can't control emotions.

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                        • TechyChowtin
                        • rJg
                        • 29 Feb 2024

                        Dimencity 7050 is a rebrand of dimencity 1080 launched in mid 2021. And 10 and 11 5g have simler specs

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                          • Vindieta
                          • KLR
                          • 27 Feb 2024

                          Everyone here just a commentator. LOL. Commenting and criticize the product without buying. Some poor people with cheap smartphone so they just gave a bad talking to another phone. When someone called this product good, they just said "You're an oppo sales". So u think u are so smart with just commenting?

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                            • KLDP
                            • Trm
                            • 23 Feb 2024

                            alyaasif123, 25 Jan 2024Try Honor 90I wouldn't recommend it because of a significant drawback: its software doesn't receive timely updates unlike other phones. While it does push updates through its own user interface(Magic UI), it lacks security patch updates and falls behind in Android updates.

                              I dunno why bought this phone 5days after the released date without reviewing but loving it now,I'm not a blogger nor a selfie adict I just like the sleek features nevermind the camera bump and design🙃I used the reno6z 5g and it still good until now.

                                It actually looks like it melted a little, and it was the only one they had at the time of the photo 😁

                                but regardless, it looks like crap

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                                  • AnonD-641645
                                  • Kxe
                                  • 06 Feb 2024

                                  An odd implementation of telephoto. The zoom factor is 2, but the resolution is lower for the tele cam, so the effective zoom is only 1.6x. A 2x zoom crop from the main cam already beats the telephoto (assuming decent upscaling).

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • X%Q
                                    • 03 Feb 2024

                                    The camera bump on the back looks like abomination..
                                    Gives you a very cringe feel.

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                                      • IQ200
                                      • LiQ
                                      • 02 Feb 2024

                                      Seych, 27 Jan 2024I loved the design I love how you're replying to yourself and even liking your own comments.

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                                        • Seych
                                        • sgm
                                        • 31 Jan 2024

                                        Arkan , 31 Jan 2024Only reason to buy the phone was charging, i feel OPPO has ... moreFinally i started using full brightness outdoor because of this fast charging things lol 😆 😂