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My Oppo Reno 4 Lite arrived with 18W charger in the box.An excellent phone in its price category. Amoled display of very good quality, the battery lasts a day without problems, it also received android 11.

    Teodor9, 07 May 2021so it is coming with 18w charger or with 30w fast charger? is coming with 18w charger

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      • Anonymous
      • fuZ
      • 09 May 2021

      That's freaking nice

        so it is coming with 18w charger or with 30w fast charger?

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          • trustable
          • arK
          • 26 Apr 2021

          Helly, 16 Feb 2021For those who comment without actually owning the phone, wh... morewhere you writing from?

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            • Mark
            • mt4
            • 16 Apr 2021

            I just want to know if the phone is waterproof. I have it already and it's very good for gaming because that the main purpose I use it for. So is it waterproof?

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              • Helly
              • 3IH
              • 16 Feb 2021

              For those who comment without actually owning the phone, what do you use to compare it to? I have the phone for 3 months, already got ColorOS 11 and android 11 and it's absolutely fine for it's price. Camera quality is good if you know how to use it (pro (manual) mode always), battery is phenomenal (+7hours SoT for 4015mAh) with 4g always on, mails, messages, browsing, 30w VOOC 4.0 fast charging so even better. One of the best Amoled screens in the price range, not the brightest but million times better than IPS, good feel in the hand, not slippery, not warming up. I play PUBG on everything high with no problem. The SoC is a drawback on 12nm but has enough power for daily usage and the Gpu is decent but the 8gb of ram really make a difference. Got this phone after crashing my samsung s10 and for half the price, it is not half the phone! It is ENOUGH for anyone who wants a phone for 300 bucks

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                • Ayhan
                • JaZ
                • 10 Jan 2021

                I bought this phone in Turkey two weeks ago. Camera performance is not bad according to its price.
                It has no RDS and record functions in its radio. Also there is no record function on call.

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                  • Abdullah
                  • iJD
                  • 23 Dec 2020

                  i was reading the specs and i saw the camera has 2 2mp depth sensors lol

                    ALIENHACKER, 08 Oct 2020😂LOL! never used one before, so oppo cameras are junkies? don't think so... :/

                      Wierd stuff, 29 Sep 2020Looks good oppo smartphones, but it's not really good ... more😂LOL! never used one before, so oppo cameras are junkies?

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                        • Bill
                        • thu
                        • 05 Oct 2020

                        Its like a standoff between this phone's OS and realme 7's OS.

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                          • Wierd stuff
                          • tEZ
                          • 29 Sep 2020

                          Looks good oppo smartphones, but it's not really good is the back cameras shots, average photos. What's wrong oppo?, Compare realme, looks cheap,but expensive, and the cameras front and back, wow day light shots really nice.

                            Anonymous, 24 Sep 2020Two depth cams. ReallyThat just makes the cameras useless

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                              • Sukatekno
                              • tDT
                              • 28 Sep 2020

                              In Indonesia this phone name as reno 4 f. Rilis Oktober

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                                • Peter
                                • nTt
                                • 25 Sep 2020

                                Anonymous, 24 Sep 2020Two depth cams. ReallyOne 2mp is probably a B/W sensor used for night mode (more light on photos not a dedicated sensor), filters, etc. The other 2mp sensor is only for portrait's.
                                Oppo has a lot o smartphones with the 2mp B/W sensor. An implementation that hwawei had already used long time ago when phones start to came with two or more sensors with the same purpose.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • PVe
                                  • 25 Sep 2020

                                  What a shitty phone. oppo's focus is only on the mobile body. nothing inside the system.
                                  they should use at least Dimensity 720 in this phone.

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                                    • chedi
                                    • ScG
                                    • 25 Sep 2020

                                    this phone is already in stores in Ukraine

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                                      • aycares
                                      • XBA
                                      • 25 Sep 2020

                                      Nothing different, almost d same specs with redmi 9s.,.,., was expecting something different not even snapdragon

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • pYM
                                        • 24 Sep 2020

                                        Two depth cams. Really