Oppo Reno5 K

Oppo Reno5 K

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  • Pappa

Why are you not give SD card slot, duel stereo speakers and also jeck,, you have a bad habbit of this .........oppo you are rascle company

shs, 24 Feb 2021All specifications except sd750 are goodThe 750G is good enough for casual and sometimes heavy usage.

  • longlive3gp

Armanmazpul, 08 Mar 2021sd card slot remove again.!!! wtf oppo2020's new norma = no card slot -_-

sd card slot remove again.!!! wtf oppo

  • redman

useless, so many Reno 5 names at similar spec :(

  • beep bop boop

rebranded Reno 5 5G, just slightly lower end chipset

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2021The whole back design is copied from the 2021 Samsung A-ser... moreActually, the Reno5's design is based on the Reno4's, not the 2021 Galaxy A Series.

  • Anonymous

The whole back design is copied from the 2021 Samsung A-series.... pathetic.

  • Anonymous

Would be decent if it had card slot. Weird that it has jack and no slot.

  • Anonymous

No SD card slot, small battery, no stereo speakers.....PASS...

Come on OPPO, give back sd card slot!!!

  • beep bop boop

brace yourselves, more rebrands and variants are coming

  • shs

All specifications except sd750 are good

If it's $400 then it's good

  • Anonymous

Good, not the best price to performance ratio, but, I wasn't expecting that from Oppo, its nice phone for 370€