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  • Reno8zuser
  • PVa
  • 05 May 2023

Not powerful enough for its price, i was expecting for social media apps and internet to be working fine but it has some connection issues and battery drain when the signal bar drops. I hope a few days this gets fixed.

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    • Anonymous
    • I@a
    • 24 Apr 2023

    Overpriced. No ultrawide, 60hrz display, 33watts charging, no stereo speker, 1080p 30fps video it's a big boooo.

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      • iPhone11user
      • Ki@
      • 31 Mar 2023

      Avoid at all costs, bad product.

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        • iPhone11user
        • PVa
        • 22 Feb 2023

        Milu Rabbit, 04 Jan 2023Can anyone confirm if the virtual ram helps with ram intens... moreIt does. I have this as my new phone. With VRam turned off you can experience a bit of lag but with +6.00GB in android 13 you can feel the difference is smoothness

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          • Fai
          • C9a
          • 21 Jan 2023

          60hz for 2022 model and SD695? really OPPO?! overprice phone with garbage specs.

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            • Anonymous
            • uSZ
            • 07 Jan 2023

            This phone sucks. The camera is so bad. The colors are very un natural and un realistic. I used oppo A3s before, that one even had better camera than this. This may have 64mp resolution but the camera is just so bad. I wasted my money on this phone, i should have just went for xiaomi. Even the pro mode of the camera is shtty.

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              • Milu Rabbit
              • s88
              • 04 Jan 2023

              Can anyone confirm if the virtual ram helps with ram intensive games?

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                • joyful
                • wYI
                • 31 Dec 2022

                mad01, 16 Dec 2022Iam using this phone. It is not worth for the price I paid.... moreoppo and realme is same manufacturer

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                  • Sicko
                  • UD}
                  • 30 Dec 2022

                  Such a suck phone the camera is so cheap it's for lower end phone not good for the price overprice embarrassing don't fool us oppo

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                    • Anonymous
                    • th7
                    • 26 Dec 2022

                    weirdly enough, why Are there no Ultrawide on most of oppo's phone? isn't that weird... Its really useful to me but Most of their high end mid range phones only has 2 cameras or 3 which is 2mp deph and 2mp macro not like on samsungs that uses 5mp deph and 5mp macro, and An ultrawide too starting from A2*-A7* series

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                      • mad01
                      • 6kA
                      • 16 Dec 2022

                      Iam using this phone. It is not worth for the price I paid. Only look is good. Better go for realme or Mi.

                        Onanymaus, 12 Nov 2022Reno 8Z is also not a camera phone despite the advertisemen... morewhat ur just getting here is design and a box type phone but pretty much for the specs is trash they could add some SD 870 or 778 and some 90hz or 120 refresh rate and some 65watts charger and ois for camera coz this phone will be avail for 19,900 so its better to buy poco F4 or Xiaomi 11T

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                          • Nick
                          • tZk
                          • 09 Dec 2022

                          Shit, it's similar to reno7 z 5g

                            contrary to the two perceptions herein, i am an avid handphone fan and can testify that i m a happy user. the camera is great for the price.

                              Yow, 10 Sep 2022It's not gaming phone bruhhReno 8Z is also not a camera phone despite the advertisements saying how good this phone is in taking photos. It is only good for people who don't know anything about tech and gullible enough to believe Oppo salesman.

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                                • infinix
                                • Ki@
                                • 28 Oct 2022

                                gaming? you kidding me bro?

                                  Yow, 10 Sep 2022It's not gaming phone bruhhnot a gaming phone. but a show off fashion phone😂😂

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                                    • Yow
                                    • vaS
                                    • 10 Sep 2022

                                    mervin, 04 Sep 2022chipset is not good for the price. go for xiaomi or poco at... moreIt's not gaming phone bruhh

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • g4$
                                      • 09 Sep 2022

                                      Actually it's a reskinned Nord N20 with a glass back instead of a plastic back along with 8 GB of RAM instead of 6 side by side you'll see

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • xjH
                                        • 06 Sep 2022

                                        Nate, 28 Aug 2022Just Like You BroNice one dear