Oppo Reno 10x zoom

Oppo Reno 10x zoom

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Hitman, 02 Nov 2019What is the max settings of pubg will it run hdr + extreme???yes it will run pubg at hdr+extreme as it has a snapdragon 855+adreno 640. though its better to play on smooth extreme

  • Vasu

Best Camara phone oppo Reno 10x zoom
Design fantastic
Stereo speakers
Performance excellent

  • Reno Guy

Zaidq, 26 Sep 2019I mean no disrespect to you or apple, but trust me brother, reno... moreThank you, finally someone points that out

  • Hitman

What is the max settings of pubg will it run hdr + extreme???

  • Suomynona

It’s not $500 plus rather it’s around $900 to $1000 in retail stores and around $700 to $900 online... It has a really steep pricing in its target segment. Most high end smartphones offers more - specs

Build quality is great and it does feel premium, the only takeaway is that Oppo lacks the timely update (most of the time none at all) of its devices and their Color OS needs to be simplified. It would be a good buy if they’ll address their shortcomings.

  • sunil pandey

oppo Reno 10 x zoom is better than Reno 2 because Reno 2 advertised 20 x Zoom but oppo Reno 10 x zoom have 60 x zoom.oppo Reno 10 x have powerful processor sd855 but reno 2 have sd730G .oppo Reno 10 x zoom IS Best i am havy to buy this phone and recomeded to all .Reno 10 x have better camera looks so guys buy this phone and enjoy Life.

  • camera lover

i test this device and its camera is far far better also it cheaper than Oneplus 7 pro

  • Gautam

ybkin, 12 Jul 2019I am not biased. This is my first Oppo phone, and I love it. Ple... moreAgree.

This is first device from Oppo i liked. ColorOS needs to be improved, but overall I'm happy with first true flagship and balanced device from Oppo.

  • Gautam

Sabir, 22 Sep 2019What is the best camera phone 1, OPPO RENO 10 x zoom 2, OPPO RENO 2Reno 10x.

Reno 2 is advertised as 20x zoom. But it's 20x digital zoom vs 60x digital zoom of Reno 10x.

  • Gautam

Zaidq, 26 Sep 2019No it doesn't have any dark mode as of yet. We might get it in a... moreYes, Dark mode is announced with Color OS 7. For reno 10x, Color OS 7 based on Android 10

  • Kula

Chris, 30 Sep 2019Nokia N93 was the 1st phone with optical zoomActually, Sharp 903sh had the first 2x optical zoom

  • Vasu meena

Best in class camara incredible photos
Display quality touch excellent
Performance excellent
Design fantastic
Camara 10x best in class photo

  • Swaraj

Aierlan, 29 Sep 2019Agree with you on the call quality. It's got awful call quality ... moreCamera quality is not good...as my expectations...and price also high...I think...vivo camera and display...is best....

  • Chandran Ooty

Oppo is ok but audio quality is very poor in quality & Dolby Atmos doesn't support via Bluetooth headphones

Oppo r17 pro, 23 Sep 2019Yes. Exactly. I can guarantee to you. Even my Oppo R17 Pro, can ... moreYou're too biassed. Oppo is Mr nobody in the world.

  • Chris

Sambhrant, 23 Aug 2019It's the world's first phone with 5x optical zoom, no other phon... moreNokia N93 was the 1st phone with optical zoom

Akon, 30 Jul 2019As a previous user of Note 9 and after getting the Reno 10x..the... moreAgree with you on the call quality. It's got awful call quality coz of the mic or mic design. For me this is a major let down. It's not good on speakerphone either. I'm not impressed by the camera either. Pics are quite soft and the shutter speed is slow so I get a lot of blurry pics. My old phone, the Huawei p20 had a more reliable camera and in particular had a way faster shutter speed so there were far fewer blurry pics when there was any movement in the scene. Cropping in on photos the Oppo reno 10x also has less detail in the pics. Apart from that I'd agree with you on all the other pros

  • LLL

rays, 26 Sep 201910x zoom likes 0.010x only camera still fake only profesiona... moreNo need a professional to know that your comment is fake

  • rays

10x zoom likes 0.010x only
camera still fake
only profesional photographer know this

  • Srinivas

Camara fantastic 10x zoom
Display tech excellent
Buetifull design
Smooth performance
Super looking phone oppo Reno 10x zoom