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Abhi, 28 Mar 2024Mine is 4 years old now. The battery is now at 76% capacity... moreI would like to see a 5x zoom comparison between iPhone 15 pro max and oppo reno 10x zoom because both of them have a 5x optical zoom lens. Although the 15 pro max will definitely better but I want to know the difference

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    • Harshad
    • vG1
    • 28 Mar 2024

    Im using it about 5years value for money product excellent quality phone lack of 5g iam going to upgrade in next month

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      • Abhi
      • 7kK
      • 28 Mar 2024

      Mine is 4 years old now. The battery is now at 76% capacity. The screen brightness was not always good. It is difficult to see in bright day light. The only good thing about the phone is no pin hole or ugly iPhone like notch but they have stopped making phones like this. The camera is good but is no match for latest flagship phone today. I bought iPhone 15 for my wife and the photo on iPhone 15 was way better than on oppo 10x zoom. I don't like iphones BTW.I have ordered a new phone s24 ultra coz I think it is time to upgrade.now.

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        • Anonymous
        • 7k0
        • 25 Mar 2024

        SwanseaNerd, 05 Feb 2024Still going strong, in terms of performance and battery lon... moreMine 10x zoom is also 5 years old but can't part with it. Still excellent performance in every aspect. Camera on this phone is better than many latest flagship phones. Only reason to upgrade will be 5G which is lacking in this phone.

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          • Arek
          • GRN
          • 21 Feb 2024

          My 10Xzoom...also going strong ...no issues with battery, even after 4 years...and camera setup is at par with today's flagship...

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            • Bahtar
            • ij3
            • 09 Feb 2024

            Alp, 25 May 2022I am still using 10x daily after 3 years ... Not a single p... moreHi ! Do u still using your Reno 10x zoom or u upgraded it if yes which one u have in mind in oppo family??

              SwanseaNerd, 20 Jan 2023I bought this phone second-hand, and it's still the fi... moreStill going strong, in terms of performance and battery longevity. Coming up to 5 years old. Part of me is a little annoyed, as I would so love to buy something new 🤣

                as a user of reno 10x zoom, I would like to clarify that actually you can do video zoom using telephoto lens
                you just have to switch to 1080p 30fps
                the cons is you have to sacrifice the smoothness and a little bit of sharpness

                  I bought a preloved one of this several months ago and here is my some point of view.
                  I bought it because it is cheap enough and offers good chipset and camera.
                  This phone has a solid performance with android 12.
                  Even I left it on for several months, it doesn't lag at all.
                  I can launch heavy apps like wechat in 1 second.
                  the camera and telephoto is good. zooming is superb.
                  But it 2019 phone, night performance is good but can be better.
                  Some shutter lag but in medium-low light performance
                  the selfie camera has a limited dynamic range which is quite below average.
                  20w charging is quite slow.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 86H
                    • 28 Sep 2023

                    Just got Android 12 / Color OS 12 on mine, pleasant surprise.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • nLx
                      • 25 Sep 2023

                      A great phone with a few downsides. The most important one is lack of OS update, after 3y the phone is already considered obsolete. For this reason I don't think I will buy an Oppo again. In any case I bought it became it didn't have the st...d hole in the screen, they don't make them anymore without hole, the whole market went crazy

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                        • Anonymous
                        • xx2
                        • 29 May 2023

                        Sibi, 07 Jan 2023Got Coloros 12... And 2 security patch updates Indian version?

                          Oppo needs to bring back that cool sharkfin popup camera

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                            • minika
                            • X@h
                            • 22 Feb 2023

                            SwanseaNerd, 20 Jan 2023I bought this phone second-hand, and it's still the fi... moreThat true..the the best is...it full screen without puch hole or water drop camera on screen..don't get disturb whit that while playing games or watching movie...

                              I bought this phone second-hand, and it's still the first I've ever kept beyond the usual 2 year upgrade cycle. So maybe that speaks volumes, or I'm just growing up? Obviously not the best spec available anymore, but I see no reason compelling me to upgrade yet. I'll keep it going until any significant problems start to irritate, and even then will probably keep it as a spare. Over all build quality is great, software is fine, and would certainly consider Oppo again.

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                                • Sibi
                                • U@6
                                • 07 Jan 2023

                                mimi, 06 Dec 2022just wandering...is this oppo still got update android 13 l... moreGot Coloros 12... And 2 security patch updates

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                                  • kikonaru
                                  • tu6
                                  • 19 Dec 2022

                                  Help ..my reno 10x zoom after update 12.1 my fingerprint failed...i try format,clear cache still failed to enroll, also i try change the sensor, nothing change still failed..anybody got the same problem?

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                                    • mimi
                                    • X@h
                                    • 06 Dec 2022

                                    just wandering...is this oppo still got update android 13 like other reno?

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                                      • rina
                                      • tu6
                                      • 20 Oct 2022

                                      Reno, 18 Oct 2022I just buy a preloved one... performances all is good thoug... morei already buy this phone...all the performance in this device is great...the camera also nice, and nothing problem...ultra night camera superb... except i try 60x zoom the picture got blurry 😅..but still can see..with SD885 and android 12..game running smoothly..try genshin impact phone got warmer at the back...

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                                        • 10x
                                        • K1J
                                        • 18 Oct 2022

                                        Many says that the update will destroy the phone. But my one is as good as new after receiving android 12 update