Oppo RX17 Pro

Oppo RX17 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Can anybody tell me how can i change camera between f/1.5-2.4 i didn't see any option in camera app so can anybody help me with this and give tutorial for this please

  • Faheem

Piphacker, 20 Nov 2018Insane price tag with S. D 710 ??? So they want to cash vo... moreI m addicted to super vooc charge... I m ready to accept sd 710 for super vooc charge.... Sd 710 works perfectly with 8 gb ram and their is no speed issue at all.... The other feature of this phone can be found in other phone at low price bt its the super vooc charge that makes it costly......

  • Anonymous

Ken, 27 Feb 2020I can't really recommend this phone. I have used this smart... moreIt goes back to 15 sec because you have turned on power saving mode in swip down...

  • uk

love the oppo rx17 pro got it from a elderly guy for 50 quid new software is smooth and camera perfect quality

I plan to buy this Oppo R17 Pro next year. Hope in my region sellers are still have the old stocks new.

Just got this phone (R17 Pro) today and manually update it from Android 8.1 to Android 10. To ease the download process, just choose the first update and then select the first Android version Upgrade.

A.19 is the first update (still Android 8.1)
C.21 is first Android Pie Upgrade
F.35 is first Android 10 Upgrade and then the last
F.38, this is the latest update.

As you can see, the Alphabet before numerics indicate Android version. Different region got different name so keep that in mind.

After that, I suggest you to reset the phone to avoid any bugs. As for now, I haven't yet encounter any problem. Hope this helps.

  • Usman

Andre, 07 Mar 2020Now this phone upgrade to android 10 😊Brother are you on trial version or the official stable version? Cause I'm on the trial version and the battery life have gotten so bad

This phone is great. My galaxy s8 gave me problems (screen replacement and then a faulty usb port and finally sim card not detected).. so i bought this phone on 11.11. It has been a life changer cos of the 50W fast charge from 0 - 100% in 35mins. I think the concept of 2 battery cells is the future for all phones and i do hope oppo have patented it. I now dont even bother to charge my phone at night. I just wake up in the mornings and charge it for a few minutes before going out. If you play games this phone is a joy, at 2% you can charge it fast and continue playing. The OLED display is great too. The camera is fantastic for low light shots and night shots, day time shots sometimes have a bit washed out colours though, there is a dazzle colour option but sometimes it loses the sharpness. The biggest let down is colorOS for me, coming from samsung phone with rich UI, colorOS 6 has much fewer options for customisation, and no dark mode. I hear its only on colorOS 7 (android 10) which i dont have an update for yet. The guy above says it has arrived but my carrier or country doesnt yet have it at the time of writing. Hopefully it comes soon. Light mode is so yesterday. The lack of features in colorOS though may be why this phone is very fast, and light. Battery life is one of the best ive had and performance has no lag and is buttery smooth.

In summary: great HW, not so feature rich UI

  • Andre

Now this phone upgrade to android 10 😊

  • Ken

I can't really recommend this phone. I have used this smartphone for about 3 months now. The Clock stock app is not that good. Unlike my old smartphone, which was the LG V20 that uses an older Android OS, I can't schedule the alarm clock more than 24 hours ahead. I can't schedule the alarm at any date in the future that I want. And if the alarm makes an audible sound (there is an option for no sound), there is no option in Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb mode to avoid hearing the alarm. I was able to set Silent Mode or Do Not Disturb mode in my LG V20 so that I could avoid hearing the alarm for those times when I don't want to be disturbed.

Also, whenever I set the display in Settings to time-out after 30 seconds, I find that it reverts back to 15 seconds the following day. This is frustrating because I have to go back to settings every time to set it to 30 seconds.

Also, the processor seems not to that fast. My wife's old Iphone 6 is able to load photos in the same websites that I access with the Oppo smartphone faster than mine

Other than that, I think the phone is okay. I like the Gorilla Glass 6 and Oppo Super Vooc very fast charging.

Overall, I can only give this smartphone a 3/5 rating. I can't recommend this smartphone due to the problems that I face.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2019good phoneIt is a is phone works well

Gh, 30 Oct 2019Now released pieI still didn't get pie

Kraws, 02 Aug 2019I just update to os6 pie it so nice and fast and gaming exp... morehow did you updated it to 6????? since i am not getting update up to now

please guide when this will get android pie update

Gh, 30 Oct 2019Now released pieLiving in middle East didn't receive pie update ????

  • Gh

TJ5, 26 Oct 2019Can anyone here tell me whether this phone is getting the A... moreNow released pie

Can anyone here tell me whether this phone is getting the Android Pie 9 OS update?

in india oppo not given 3d camera..
most waste fone ever..
i spend this idot model around 46k

  • Anonymous

Yuon, 29 Jan 2019Not 2K, not waterproof, no stereo speaker but look at the p... moreyour right

  • Kraws

I just update to os6 pie it so nice and fast and gaming experience is better