Oppo turns 16, reflects on the road it took and growing global footprint

Michail, 17 September 2020

16 years ago, Oppo officially began its journey. Fast forward to today and the brand has expanded into the broader reaches of the tech realm with smart devices, 5G network equipment and AI developments. Oppo currently operates in over 40 countries and regions and owns 6 Research Institutes and 4 R&D Centers. A combined 350 million people around the world use Oppo’s products.

The company’s phone journey started in 2008 with the Oppo A103 aka Smiley Face and its memorable design. Since then the maker has come quite far, from the rotating camera sensor on the Oppo N1 to design marbles like the Find X and camera powerhouses like the Reno 10x Zoom. Check out more of Oppo's most memorable devices here.

Parallel to its smartphone business Oppo has its own set of high-end headphones and amplifiers and was a pioneer in the quick charging business with its VOOC flash charge which peaks at 125W as of July this year.

Oppo turns 16, reflects on the road it took and growing global footprint



Reader comments

and after all those years they still are rubbish at updating their devices.

  • Smallworld

Can you even speak 2 languages? If you're from a rich country then you should even be required to know 3 languages.

  • Smallworld

I remember when Oppo announced the Find 7 back in 2014. At the same time the first OnePlus phone was announced. These times were so exciting unlike today. I hesitated so much between the two and I finally bought the 7a for it's better design. ...

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