Oppo unboxes the F1 Plus Barcelona edition - we did too minus the fan gear

Peter, 24 June, 2016

Oppo has just posted a video on YouTube of the unboxing of the F1 Plus Barcelona Edition. Apparently a true fan of the football club, the presenter is in a proper setting for the ordeal, with plenty of fan gear carefully arranged in plain sight including a club jersey, scarf, cap and a mini ball.

Now, we have to admit Oppo beats us in sheer number of Barcelona fan items, but we did have an unboxing of our own, with a few impressions to share. Check out our hands-on article for more photos of the royal blue smartphone, while impatiently waiting for official word on the pricing - we certainly are.



Reader comments

  • joy

nice,but buttary parfomence not good,other all good phone oppo f1 plus barsolona,i like it.but bangladesh launch date,please reply,wait now.

  • lous02


  • Anonymous

its realistically the way the world works, if they did anything different nobody would want it, pretty much all phones look identical now and its hard for a company to change that. Its what people want. everyone wants, thin light metal and glass and ...

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