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Orange Atlanta

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  • Anonymous
  • LeG
  • 05 Feb 2024

My aunt had that phone, now i have it.

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    • Anonymous
    • mLb
    • 01 Nov 2015

    AnonD-426560, 07 Aug 2015Does Anyone Knows Which Producer Did This Phone and how is ... moreit called Zte f160. I have it in france

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      • AnonD-426560
      • srr
      • 07 Aug 2015

      Does Anyone Knows Which Producer Did This Phone and how is it called? (ZTE, Huawei, etc...)

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        • Shaddy
        • Nug
        • 29 Oct 2013

        pls can i use this phone as a modem to connect my pc to the internet, if anyone has done it kindly put me through

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          • Tony
          • nU6
          • 08 Jul 2013

          Hi. Can anyone explain how I upload pictures from my Orange Atlanta to my desktop computer because the man in the Orange shop could not.

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            • AnonD-120779
            • nx6
            • 06 Mar 2013

            hey guys, please may i have some help? i have an orange atlanta phone and i can not permenantly change the text settings from predictive text to abc (normal) thanks.

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              • liamp
              • nx6
              • 06 Mar 2013

              how do you permenantly change the text settings from predictive to default (abc),A.S.A.P
              thank you!

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                • andrada
                • M{Y
                • 16 Dec 2012

                hello. i have a atlanta phone and show on the main screen that is connected headphones. how can I make it because I no longer occur when the call can not hear you say who I'm talking

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                  • Tina
                  • mA{
                  • 04 Nov 2012

                  Hey everyone from here. A friend of mine dropped his orange altanta on the floor and now the white screen apears. :( How can I repare it? Or there is no solution? I really wanna make his phone good to work but I don't know how. :( So, if someone can help me please answer.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • H5F
                    • 17 Apr 2012

                    Generally quite a good little phone but the software to access the card memory has to be downloaded from the net along with warnings from the anti virus, so you feel you are taking a risk. The transfer of data to the card is unreliable. I downloaded some music in folders and found the empty folders pop up in one area of the phone and the contents in the form of a long list in another. It does not support wma.
                    Utterly miserable user instructions.

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                      • glenboi
                      • myn
                      • 19 Mar 2012

                      Ben, 22 Jan 2012This phone have a 3.5 jack.yes it has a 3.5 mm jack for headphone support

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                        • Ben
                        • srr
                        • 22 Jan 2012

                        This phone have a 3.5 jack.

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                          • bogdan
                          • 33G
                          • 13 Jan 2012

                          Does it support 4gb microsd (class 4) ???

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                            • truemedia
                            • p38
                            • 31 Dec 2011

                            Is a fake device, it have a problem sending messages

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                              • hunor
                              • gCq
                              • 01 Nov 2011

                              only 3h talk time?