Orange Barcelona

Orange Barcelona

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  • smitch

i have a problem with my touch. somtimes it respondsto the touch and when it does, then it is slow. help me out with the problem.

  • Anonymous

It might say 7h battery life, but it is more like 3 if you are using it.

  • Anonymous

ray, 19 Apr 2013can it be upgraded to android 4.0 osIts such a bad phone that it wont be updated thats why i switched

  • ray

can it be upgraded to android 4.0 os

  • Anonymous

hi people,,, isn`t it same huawei??
i checked huawei boulder and its voting results ,, the average is 8.2 but here average voting is about 3!!! i got confused!!! HELP

  • Anonymous

it IS a huawei boulder. Just gave it a new name an locked it on orange

  • Anonymous

It IS a huawei Boulder. Just gave it a new name an locked it on orange.

  • Sisha

Extremely slow speed phone.

  • Geoff Burns

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

  • anon`

for 100 clams this is a fantastic phone i have one (i work for orange ) i think this phone is the bomb

  • AnonD-293

it looks like Huawei U8350 Boulder.

  • admin

really slow