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  • Bogdan98
  • 3RM
  • 15 May 2017

Hi guys! I own this phone myself but I find it very unresponsive. The touch screen is very poor I need to tap it two time to actually do something that was supposed to have done is a single touch. I also have a very bad loading issues with it even the messages and menu takes around 5-10 sec to just load. YouTube also barely works having image+sound delay around 1-3 sec. It's problems are major. I guess is not such an amazing phone. I would like to highlight though that for minimal use is just great. It has decent camera it has enough memory and the audio quality is just fine. Unless you run any app that requires some RAM the phone itself overall is not too bad. I guess the Quality per price applies very well indeed here. To sum up if you use the phone minimally is just fine but if you want to play any games on it will totally struggle even to run Subway Surfers or similar apps. Don't recommend it if you want to use it fully but for anyone that need a phone to call friends and family without pushing it's narrow limit the phone is just a decent choice taking in consideration the very low price

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    • olaribigbe
    • fsV
    • 07 Nov 2016

    where can we get it screen ?

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      • Alex
      • nDB
      • 11 Apr 2016

      Hi,im from Romania
      I have a phone like this,but it iz a kind of grey blue... :)) i really don't know,anyway,it is a very good phone,much more better than other companies make

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        • raycon
        • spf
        • 04 Sep 2015

        al, 28 Feb 2014only 2Gb internal mem.yes, but i'm so proud of it. you know why? cause you can install everything you want, you can choose between internal or externall primary partition for installing games, any game
        with so damn many models you can't do that, they have internall emulated memory (internall sd card) that sistem sees externall, so many models have that problem, for example lg f60, great phone but you can't install anything above 800 mb, what's the point on equiping it with snapdragon 410 and adreno 306 if you can't install those kind of games.
        i had an lg f60, i tried everything with it (changing partitions, emeulating sd card,rooting etc.) and i camed back to this little guy, so you sould give it more credit.

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          • stefan vlad
          • LaE
          • 03 Aug 2015

          now android 4.2.2 and batery it's ok for games

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            • raycon
            • 3cg
            • 11 Jun 2015

            mine has no problem at all, I have it for more than a year an I had no problem with it, I think is a problem on the region where you bought it, but the majority of them have problems. mine has none, I guess i'm lucky

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              • alexx
              • LaE
              • 22 Jul 2014

              is very bad because the display is crazy open single in apps/menu apps etc no buy this!!!!!

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                • andrey
                • spg
                • 19 Jul 2014

                this is my first android phone. it's very good, big screen and it has camera for video-call. best thing is it support ram swap, I make this operation and runs quite well

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                  • balacy
                  • Lax
                  • 02 Jul 2014

                  not for nothing is almost always fails touch

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                    • AnonD-271599
                    • spf
                    • 07 Jun 2014

                    i have orange hiro , i have secondary camera , hiro vs reyo , hiro wining , games on hiro : asphalt 8 !!!!.... etc!
                    this orange hiro is alcatel Ot idol mini1

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                      • RayWool
                      • Ktw
                      • 25 Apr 2014

                      I have an Orange Hiro in Spain with instructions in Spanish. I need them in English, but cannot find anything on line. Orange here seem unable to help, any one out there know where I can obtain them? Many thanks

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                        • al
                        • 0Uu
                        • 28 Feb 2014

                        only 2Gb internal mem.

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                          • Temeve
                          • mA}
                          • 24 Feb 2014

                          This phone is Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini -

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                            • michirto
                            • nD@
                            • 23 Jan 2014

                            its not without 2nd camera it has radio and it is a orange hiro i have it in my hand right now

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                              • omu_negru
                              • 0Uu
                              • 04 Jan 2014

                              hotspot: YES!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 3cg
                                • 01 Jan 2014

                                front camera: YES, radio: YES.

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                                  • AnonD-218750
                                  • 0Uw
                                  • 27 Dec 2013

                                  No offence, what nexus do you have ?

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                                    • AnonD-217922
                                    • mAW
                                    • 24 Dec 2013

                                    The hiro is actually a nice phone. i Bought it for my mom as a budget phone... but its better than my 690$ Galaxy Nexus soooo.. its not much of a budget phone. Its a good Android phone. It feels sleek and is very nice to the touch, but its NOT A iphone 5 copy like that guy above me said.

                                      • j
                                      • john_doe
                                      • iKD
                                      • 04 Dec 2013

                                      this phone is awsome, it works very fast , its a nice and cheap iphone5 copy , in romania its free with contract , very good phone .
                                      battery life is around 4 days , the IPS display is very good