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I bought this phone several years ago and continue to use it without issue. From the outset I found it to be incredibly well-designed. There's a lot of thought and testing gone into this phone: Orange has tried to give you as much as they possibly can for the money without compromising on quality and they did a grand job:

. Compact
. Great battery life.
. Well-designed and sturdy case for the most part.
. Well laid-out keyboard including illumination (Blackberry users will love it)
. A multitude of features including FM radio, microSD slot (mine has an 8GB card)
. Great voice call quality; reasonably loud
. Easy to understand contact list
. Bright and vivid display even at this low resolution
. Intuitive user interface
. Touch screen
. Multiple alarms
. File manager
. Boots up very quick
. Easy battery replacement
. Easy unlock procedure

Naturally, for a phone this old and at this price there will be some compromise and that comes in the form of the camera which can only muster basic quality at best. The voice recorder quality is also average however still good enough for many tasks.

Someone asked why people still use this phone. Well I think it's the same reason some people still drive old luxury cars: they were designed for a specific purpose and they do it well. No messing about having to wait for a smart phone to boot. No finicky touch screen. No over-bearing interface. You pick them up and you use them very quickly and very easily and with a host of extra's that do not bog down the phone or your attention or sanity whilst the device is in use.

I take this phone with me everywhere. For the price I'd say it's the best phone I have ever used. No, it's not an iPhone or Android device and it was never meant to be. It is first and foremost a solid, user-oriented phone with some useful features on top, and for a lot of people that's all that counts.

Footnote: The spec lists this phone as having 6MB onboard storage. I think this is wrong; mine says 68MB available storage.

Hope this helps.

    Catherine the Great, 12 Oct 2018Husband? I wonder who you are...i wonder if you know how they live in tokyo. if say it and you knwo yo

      AnonD-711869, 07 Nov 2017You know what i meant, my lovely husband Husband? I wonder who you are...

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        • AnonD-716026
        • mKJ
        • 17 Nov 2017

        Why do people still care about such a phone?!

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          • AnonD-711869
          • GF@
          • 07 Nov 2017

          Macbeth, 06 Nov 2017There's no such thing as "Nokia 640". There's only "Microso... moreYou know what i meant, my lovely husband

            AnonD-711869, 06 Nov 2017I had a nokia 640 a few years back, Nokia makes decent phonesThere's no such thing as "Nokia 640". There's only "Microsoft Lumia 640".

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              • AnonD-711869
              • GF@
              • 06 Nov 2017

              Anonymous, 06 Nov 2017Or a Nokia 6021, they are really cheap on eBay (at least in... moreI had a nokia 640 a few years back, Nokia makes decent phones

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                • Anonymous
                • mKJ
                • 06 Nov 2017

                AnonD-711869, 02 Nov 2017Heres some advice, get a better backup lol; I would suggest... moreOr a Nokia 6021, they are really cheap on eBay (at least in the UK)

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                  • AnonD-711869
                  • GF@
                  • 02 Nov 2017

                  Stan the Van, 31 Jan 2017Just turned our old Rio on as an emergency back up, install... moreHeres some advice, get a better backup lol; I would suggest an older samsung phone, There cheap and pretty reliable

                    I remember when this was released, it was a REALLY popular phone.

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                      • Stan the Van
                      • nxP
                      • 31 Jan 2017

                      Just turned our old Rio on as an emergency back up, installed a new sim and the first thing we have been met with is a message saying Enter NP code. Has anyone any idea what this is as both myself and partner don't have a clue. Any help would be hugely appreciated, thank you.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nE7
                        • 05 Sep 2016

                        Will this phone work in the USA?

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                          • Blake
                          • nEL
                          • 12 Sep 2015

                          Fred , 05 Aug 2015can this phone surpport whatsup Nope, it's not a smart phone at all. You cannot get apps for this phone.

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                          I've been using this phone for the past 5 years.

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                            • Fred
                            • fuv
                            • 05 Aug 2015

                            can this phone surpport whatsup

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                              • youngibsk
                              • N9@
                              • 11 Jan 2013

                              tijjani, 17 Mar 2012nice phone good battery,camera and sound.pls how can i get the case and the battery. pls inbox me on my facebook/youngibsk. please am using rio but the case is not good nd the battery is not original.

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                                • tijjani
                                • fsV
                                • 17 Mar 2012

                                nice phone good battery,camera and sound.