Original iPad to miss on the iOS 6 fun, iPhone 3GS safe for now

11 June, 2012

The WWDC press conference is just hours away, but the rumors just can't stop coming in. This morning the Chinese forum WeiPhone.com brought links to the first builds of iOS for the different iDevices.

The links still aren't working, but the community can be credited to several such leaks in the past so chances are they will become active once the beta goes official tonight. Yet the fact that Apple will be making the beta available for download is hardly newsworthy and neither is its alien-sounding 10A5316k build number.

What's actually important here is that there's no link to the build for the original iPad, suggesting that it might be left out of the iOS 6 party. The iPhone 3GS is on the list, though, so the reason for this is hardly related to processing power.

Perhaps Apple thought there's little point to prolong the life of a device that has been vastly outsold by both its successors and has a tiny market share, but then again that also applies to the 3GS.

We'll get to see if the rumor turns out true tonight, so stay tuned.

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Reader comments

  • jackskellington6sic6

As simple as it is...maybe minus a couple features, every idevice should support the new os updates

  • Tim

Fragmentation .... The only reason the 3GS is still being supported - as crippling as it is - is so they can continue to flog it those people who want an iphone for a status symbol (baabaaa). Otherwise they'd get the newest version.

  • Anonymous

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