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Oukitel WP36

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  • 27 May 2024

Grumpy, 05 Apr 2024Yes, It is very tough and reliable but it has the worst dis... moreis there a phone you would recommend that addresses some of the issues you outlined?
i'm interested in a mega battery outdoor phone but having a bit of trouble navigating the offerings

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    • Soren
    • tpZ
    • 22 May 2024

    Already got one, and I'd rate it 4 out of 5 so far.

    I bought it at $169, which I think is about the baseline pricing. It’s a versatile power tank. While it’s not super outstanding, it’s solid and tough enough for me, my fieldwork, and other outdoor projects. It gives me a sense of reassurance about battery life.

    But if you want to discuss hardcore features, AI tech, or other cutting-edge stuff, I think we can change the subject. The WP36 is for fans who want to give it a try without paying the premium for big fancy brands.

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      • just looking
      • PxV
      • 15 May 2024

      10600mAh 15w chager? bruh howlong is i gonna chage to 100%

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        • Grumpy
        • m9L
        • 05 Apr 2024

        Yes, It is very tough and reliable but it has the worst display for outdoor use, Not only is it very small in proportion to the body size, but the display is VERY DIM to the point that it is utter USELESS especially outdoors. The front & rear cameras are a joke in specs and ancient at least 5 years out of date. The Signal Reception Sensitivity is bad compared to other brands and this is extremely important considering its aimed at sports and nature explorers.
        Oukitel has got its head buried in the sand and thinks that a bigger battery is all that matters. Oh, and the two reviews on their website are as genuine as a Pink Penguin flying in Africa.