Our Apple iPhone 12 video review is up

Yordan, 30 October 2020

Apple finally launched the iPhone 12 lineup and for the first time, there are four smartphones - mini, vanilla, Pro, and Pro Max. The iPhone 12 was expected to be the bestseller of the four by delivering the most versatile size at a more affordable price tag.

Having already completed our written review, we are now ready to show you the video version. It's over 10 minutes long, so take a comfortable seat and see what Will has to say about the Apple iPhone 12.

There are plenty of things to get enthusiastic about but Apple also managed to disappoint some of its hardcore fans. While the iPhone 12 looks lovely and the Blue paint job is a head-turner, the panel still fails to impress - other manufacturers are going beyond the 120Hz refresh rate threshold while this one is stuck at 60Hz.

The new device does have the fastest chipset and 5G connectivity but the battery life is shorter than the predecessor iPhone 11 even if you stick to LTE networks only. In today’s world and with having an OLED screen, one would expect Apple to offer an alternative to FaceID (since it doesn’t work with a mask on) but alas there’s no TouchID.

Then again, the iPhone 12 is the fastest and most durable iPhone up to date, so it's not like it doesn't have a lot going for it.


Reader comments

  • AG

The camera is the absolute highlight in the iPhone 12. I think the A14 chipset can also be considered as a plus. I just wish the battery was better.

  • Go

iPhone is literally a waste of money. Notched, we have full screen displays on Android., Finger print scanner underscreen, face recognition that directly boots to screen, screen cast to any smart TV, usb type c, FM radio, infrared remote built-in. An...

  • A7sii

Right because people are braindead to buy stupidly expensive phones with lesser and lesser features after every model.

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