Our Google Pixel 4 XL video review is up

Michail, 09 November 2019

Great cameras, lackluster battery endurance and Android as envisioned by Google - thatís the brief consensus on the Pixel 4 XL. Weíve already posted our full written review a while back and now we have the video rundown which recaps the main findings and shares some new perspectives on what it's like to actually use the Pixel 4 XL.

Starting with the design Googleís latest flagship has a refreshed front with a tall forehead and is also different around the back with its square camera cutout. Itís nice to see some change after two years of relatively similar Pixel designs. Another welcome addition is the 90Hz refresh rate even though Googleís implementation didnít come without its issues.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features on the new Pixel line comes under its tall forehead with the Motion Sense radar chip. It's quite impressive on paper but feels more like a gimmick in real life. Moving on to the performance aspect, both new Pixels come with the Snapdragon 855 and 6GB RAM which handle every task with ease.

Battery life on the other hand, is not that impressive but thatís never been a Pixel strong point. Camera-wise, the Pixel 4 XL delivers arguably the most consistent and accurate shots but the competition isnít too far off. As an overall package, the Pixel 4 XL is a solid Android flagship even though it feels a bit less polished than some of its adversaries.


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Updates are not really that neccessary, and 90Hz display is just a gimmick unless you're a gamer. Also, Spotify is not available everywhere in the world. And bluetooth headphones have their own shortcomings. Plus, it sucks to depend on LTE and data t...

Don't bark. Different people have different needs. What's best for you, isn't necessarily meant to be universal. Don't bark Life is shades of grey. Not everyone is born in a first world country. Not everyone is born to a rich dad. ...

you don't need more than 6Gb. you only need more to win youtube tests to open 100 apps same time 2x times. In real life you don't. only chinese companies that have no better to offer than specs do that..and samsung too not lose sales because people ...