Our Nokia 7.2 video review is up

Vlad, 28 October 2019

Back in September at HMD Global's IFA debut, the Nokia 7.2 became official, wanting to compete in the incredibly crowded mid-range smartphone space. This phone has turned heads left and right for its value proposition, so let's see how good that actually is.

We've taken the Nokia 7.2 for a spin and have some thoughts - both in writing, as well as in video form, embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

The Nokia 7.2 is promising on paper, but does it deliver in real life? Our video review goes into aspects such as the build and screen quality, performance, battery life, and the camera image quality. Spoiler alert: in the end we weren't impressed, but check out the full video to find out why.


Reader comments

HMD started steong few years back and completely went sideways, not sure is there any point for HMD to exist now

  • Dwipanal

If some one want to buy a phone please buy one plus....most trusted phones

  • Ahmad

I like nokia but i cant decide for purchasing of new budget set....plz tell and suggest for me a new nokia budget set...thank u all