Our Samsung Galaxy A80 video review is up

Vlad, 07 June 2019

It feels like smartphone manufacturers have really started to go wild again, in the past year or so, experimenting with new form factors - especially in order to answer the age-old "what do we do with the front camera if the screen is practically bezel-less" question.

The Galaxy A80 is Samsung's experimental entry into this weird space. The Korean company hasn't tried the motorized pop-up rotating main camera module trick on its flagships, but chose to bestow the highest-end of its premium mid-rangers with the honor of saying "First!".

The A80 is more than its (decidedly intriguing) camera, though. So in our freshly baked video review, seen below, we're not only going to talk about the camera - don't worry, it gets plenty of screen time too. But if you want to find out whether the A80 is a good fit for you as a smartphone - and not just for the shock value of showing off the camera pop to your friends - then hang tight.

We take you through its design, build, display, fingerprint scanner, speaker, storage, software, chipset, battery, charging, and, of course - that flipping camera.


Reader comments

This moving mechanism is crap i don't like it.

Man, flipping speakers would be cool

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