Our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera review video is up

Michail, 28 January 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the company’s no-compromise flagship. It’s Samsung’s most feature-packed phone currently out and after we brought you our detailed written review, it’s now time for out dedicated camera breakdown in video form.

With its four cameras around the back headlined by the 108MP ISOCELL HM3 main sensor, 12МP ultrawide snapper and two zoom lenses (3x telephoto and 10x periscope) Samsung is offering arguably the most versatile mobile shooter on the market. In our testing we liked the sharpness and detail preservations as well as the balanced colors from the main cam though some shots looked to be over-sharpened.

Elsewhere, we’ve noticed a noticeable improvement over the outgoing S20 Ultra with the ultrawide lens thanks to the added autofocus. The short 3x telephoto module produced decent shots though with visible sharpening. The new periscope lens on the S21 Ultra offered a big leap from last year’s model. Details, dynamic range and contrast were noticeably better this time around.

Check out the video for more details. Also, feel free to check out our Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. S20 Ultra vs. S21 shootout comparison.


Reader comments

Jack is gone like in Titanic and not making a come back. But I'm truly hope that the MicroSD trend will stop because more and more people use it in every device ... And yet, they removed it!

thats what i feared :/, people are complaining about the display also, i don't want 2 front cameras, i use the selfie cam maybe twice a year as a mirror. if it was a pop up camera i wouldn't care a bit if it has even 3 front cameras.

  • Ulysse 31

For me the 50MP from huawei seems like a good compromise between pixel size in full res and digital zoom to smooth focal change

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