Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip video review is up

Yordan, 19 March 2020

The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's second foldable phone, but it takes a completely different take on the formula. Much like the Motorola Razr it goes for the compact-to-regular transition, instead of the regular-to-tablet of the Galaxy Fold. It's also cheaper and more widely available, which might make it the most popular foldable phone to date.

We already published our full-text review, but now Ricky managed to wrap all the major pros and cons into a nice 15-minute video.

During the process of reviewing the Galaxy Z Flip, Ricky managed to crack the glass behind the cameras, which led him on a whole separate adventure, which you can read more about here.


Reader comments

selling out a relatively small amount of stock doesnt mean it will go mainstream. When it sells 25million ill change my view.

  • Rakesh

texting you from awful crease without even noticing it

Considering the stock of these in Canada has already sold out twice, I think your wrong. Viewing the device as intended, while in a user's hand dead on to the screen the crease is nearly imperceptible. Viewed from the side with light glare being refl...