Our video review of Huawei P40 Pro's camera is up

Peter, 31 March 2020

The Huawei P40 Pro has many improvements over its predecessor, but the camera upgrades are by far the most impressive. In our shootout against the Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max it edged out its more expensive competitors. Our latest video features an in-depth look into the camera and how it performs.

Our video review of Huawei P40 Pro's camera is up

The main camera defaults to 12.5MP pixel binned photos and you should leave it that way. There's no benefit to the 50MP mode in terms of image detail and you even lose some dynamic range. The 12.5MP mode does involve some cropping - going from 23mm to 27mm focal length - but if you want wide-angle shots, just switch to the other camera.

P40 Pro's ultra wide camera is the best in its class and produces beautifully detailed 10MP shots (again with pixel binning). If we had to criticize it for something, it would be that it's not the widest camera around. It does shoot good-looking macros, though.

The crowning achievement is the 5x telephoto camera. It surpasses Samsung's periscope cam on the S20 Ultra. It does well even in the dark, thanks to Huawei's Night Mode, which is impressive for a camera with such focal length.

Hit play on the video below for Will's thoughts on the camera and plenty of camera samples.

Our written review of the Huawei P40 Pro covers the camera, as well as the new 90Hz screen and how it impacts battery life along with various other details about the phone.


Reader comments

You are wrong Sony isn't garbage, but their marketing doesn't like those competitors. Many people ask for 3.5mm and Sony bring it back on Xperia 1 ii, but those competitors start saying Bluetooth audio quality is better/can life without 3.5mm bla...b...

  • Anonymous

Go ahead and check the footage compared to IPhone or Huawei. Sony is just garbage. Giving 4K60 in 2020 after denying it to the users a whole year. Super steady 2.0 trumps everything on the market.

  • Anonymous

No banking apps run, no Netflix and other streaming sites even after sideloading. Crashes all over the place. No way to secure your phone and get rid of manufacturer spying since Huawei locks bootloaders.

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