Over a million Ovi Mail accounts created in just eight months

11 August, 2009

Nokia has just announced that the millionth Ovi Mail account has been activated only eight months after the service started in December 2008. Reportedly, what makes the service so popular is the quick and easy email account setup straight from the phone without the need of a computer.

To prove that Nokia statistics show that 650 000 of those 1 million users have created their accounts from their mobile devices.

Unlike some other Ovi services, using Ovi Mail is completely free. If you haven't heard of it before=, that's because the service is targeted at developing countries where access to a personal computer is not as common as elsewhere.

Ovi Mail

The Ovi Mail service is accessible not only using the smarter half of Nokia's portfolio (namely the numerous S60 smartphones) but also by the more affordable S40 devices.

Another reason for the huge success of Ovi Mail is its availability in more than 180 countries (like India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and South Africa, which round up the top five for Ovi Mail subscribers) and the localization in 20 languages.

Well now, could it be possible that besides being the world's Top 1 digicam seller (as a side effect of pushing great numbers of camera-equipped phones world-wide), Nokia would also take a place among the leading email service providers? Only time will show. Gmail, beware. Ovi Mail is coming!


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In terms of mobile web browsing. The iPhone does two third's of US mobile web browsing and about half of the world's mobile web browsing. Now that's because people get them and use the smartphone features of the iPhone, I've met lot's of pe...

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