Palm Pre to take Europe by storm this September at around 400 euro

16 June, 2009

Palm have been pretty secretive about their European domination plans obviously aiming at getting us by surprise with the Pre embarking on our shores out of the blue one sunny day. While we like that idea, we're glad that information about the actual availability is already leaking out.

The Palm Pre WebOS is one of the most exciting mobile OS lately. If you haven't seen a demo of it, you've missed so many things. Fans of Palm's latest device are already able to get it via the CDMA-operating Sprint network carrier. However, the European availability of a GSM-enabled Palm Pre is something that has not received due attention by the Palm PR.

Yes, we know there is a GSM version of Palm Pre, since we saw it ourselves at this year's Mobile World Congress. We even know that O2 is getting it as a part of an exclusive deal for the UK. But how about a timeframe - why not something more substantial on actual availability dates and pricing?

As it seems the Romanian newspaper Ziarul Financiar is that one of the Romanian Palm importers I.R.I.S. have shared juicy details on those two things that we have been missing on.

According to Palm distributor I.R.I.S., Palm Pre should be hitting the Romanian market (as well as the rest of Europe) in the end of this September for a price that's pretty much the same as the one in the USA (around 550 US dollars or 400 euro) without a contract.

That's a bit of really nice news there and we really hope that Palm people would step up and announce the release schedule themselves.

And if you've really missed out on seeing the Palm WebOS in action, here's the full demo on video (quite long, we know, but it's worth it):



Reader comments

  • KR3

America already has the phone and it was available in America long before iPhone 3GS. So Europe is waiting.

  • Anonymous

Totally agree with you! If its such a good phone, why only for Europe!? Anyways, Greetings from East Africa...

  • to little

to little to late, they should have released the PRE before the iphone 3GS. with the extreamly high sales of the iphone 3gs everyone has the phone they want the pre wont sell, which is a shame as the pre is a great phone!!

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