Palm reveals key webOS 2.0 features, beta now available

1 September, 2010

Palm's webOS 2.0 is coming by the end of the year but today's big news is that the first webOS 2.0 beta has just been released. Sadly, it's only made been available for developers. They are getting the webOS 2.0 SDK beta as well. At least we get a sneak peek at some key webOS 2.0 features - there's no word (or rumor) of a new WebOS device just yet.

One of the major advantages of the webOS over its rivals is the way it deals with multiple apps running at the same time. Thanks to the webOS cards, multi-tasking is easy and fun. But as of version 2.0 the cards are taken to a whole new level with Stacks. Now, related cards are grouped together in stacks so it's easier to move between multiple simultaneously running apps.

Another news brought by the webOS 2.0 is the Exhibition feature. With its help the device transforms into a portable entertainment and information center once it's docked on the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock.

Thanks to the Node.js runtime environment support, which is built into the new webOS 2.0, developer will be able to create not only webOS applications but JavaScript web apps that will run as the native ones. The webOS 2.0 will also bring some new HTML5 features and enhancements.

Palm will also encourage developers to release more webOS compatible apps by helping them seamlessly port apps from other platforms to the webOS.

Another new features, the Universal Search, is not simply a search tool anymore. Instead it's renamed to Just Type and it will allow for Quick Actions, which let you quickly write an email or a text message, update your status or search the Internet. And what's more important, you won't have to open a new app to do any of those - you can do it straight from the screen - just type!

Synergy, another webOS feature that we like, is expected to get even better.

So, the webOS lives on. HP kept its word and continues the hard work on the webOS even after the acquisition of Palm. The latest and greatest webOS version should be released by the end of the year - it's just not clear on what devices it will ship.

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Reader comments

  • Alex

The webOS 2.0 features sound wonderful to me. I even wrote a post about them:­­0-release-date-and-features As for the beta stage, that should end soon, as the release date approaches fast.

  • Support Support Supp

Great! finally, we see some updates from HP for this greatest smart-phone. too bad it still lacks marketing and asian font support. i will get mine tomorrow. YEAH!!!

  • Hughes_The mayor

The only thing left is a great Hardware with at least a 4.0 inch just like Samsung galaxy s series or a beautiful phone hardware like the iphone. I really hope that they make it. Good luck HP/Palm