Palm Treo 600

Palm Treo 600

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  • Great basic PDA

Great Basic communicator with Web, Email, Phone and a complete Palm organiser all integrated into one. Touch screen display, Loud hands free speaker. Basically a good quality handset for its time. As time marches on services come, go and change. I'm using mine but as the data is only GPRS the onboard browser is painfully slow as well as limited in what websites it can display due to websites these days have heavy scripting. Sadly the built in Email client is POP/SMTP only and although enabling POP service on Hotmail and GMail the client does not connect even with SSL selected. I suspect authentication methods have changed in the last 10+ years. The batty life easily lasts a day. There is no Bluetooth or GPS so you may have to resort to ols school hands free when driving using the 2.5mm - NOT 3.5mm hands free connector.

Came across this youtube video kingly uploaded showing the Treo 600 off.

  • Vwa.

I have bought Palm Treo 600 from friend currently in US.Am in Malawi but the phone can't use all our network providers.Can any one help please.

  • gra

i bought my palm treo 600 with a charger were can buy the charge. i am in zimbabwe

  • goldy locks

can the treo 600 be updated, such as getting bluetooth and radio etc.

  • Game sticker

My phone fills in water since than the screen continues blinking and also can vodafonghana help me with their internet configuration on my treo.

  • Game sticker

My phone fill in water since then the screen continues blinking and also can vodafon ghana help me with internet configuration for my phone.

  • mamarazy

pls is it possible to change my palm treo 6oo for one of the latest model even if i have to add up money for the transaction cus am having problems due to the infared feature and other features too.we all know that infared is a bit outdated.pls how possible is it.looking forward to hearing from you,thanks

  • Michael Nyarko

I'm in Ghana and my daddy bought me a treo600 but i can use it because the phone can not operate with the networt here.Please help my out.

  • don

Carl Rumenius, 18 Jul 2010Prefs on my Treo 600 does not work properly. When I tap on the s... morehi!you just don't worry. at first go to pref. then at the right top of the page u tap with ur stylus u will get many contents in that.then u select date&time ur work will be completed.

  • Jerome

my treo 600 is not charging.. So i need to find another way to charge my treo 600. please help me. if you know another way on charging my treo 600 please contact me. Thank YOu!

  • BeLLa

i am in the philippines and my friend gave me a Palm Treo 600.. I cannot access the Web because our local networks (SMART and GLOBE telecoms) doesn't have GPRS and WAP settings for Treo600. how can i browse the internet?? please help me how to configure.. thanks

  • Carl Rumenius

Prefs on my Treo 600 does not work properly. When I tap on the screen I never get around so I cannot reach the options for time and year. I can do reset no 2 and start my treo but I can never put in year and time.

Any suggestions how to do?

  • racks

How do i turn on the hands free on my mobile palm treo 500

  • bryan austria

how do treo works in other country?!

  • Patricia

I have had my treo about 4 months now. Bought it used. Didn't have a manual. I need to know how to change out the battery.Is anyone out there to help me?

  • Anonymous

i cannot use my gprs can you help me set this up to make it work

  • Azwad

To master reset

Press hold the power on wireless mode key and plus the reset key, when it comes delete all data press up (yes) and ur done! :)

  • dayib

I got palm treo 600 It's in good condition and I love it but, the only problem's No bluetooth,can any body help?

  • Used to be Palm(er)

Micky, 19 Jul 2009how i do the master reser i only press the reset botton and noth... moreTo do hard reset Just push the RESET button using the styluss head (after u unscrew it) on the back (you can see the RESET Hole Button) AND the POWER button at the same time
Remember : Push the RESET button and POWER button at the same time, it will appear message : "YES or No"

If u just ONLY press RESET button, it just do soft reset, NOT Hard Reset

  • Micky

how i do the master reser i only press the reset botton and nothing, place help thks a lot