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Palm Treo 650

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  • Some guy

Anonymous, 14 May 2019Criminally underrated device. Works these days as a good PD... moreSpot Effing on!
I LOVED my Treo, when I had it. Oh, the good ole days.

100% agree with previous poster. My externally sadly battered 15 year 650 is *still my go to for *any PDA function, and the only reliable alarm in the house. Weeell, maybe the Nokia 311 is just as good there. The 'suits' certainly know how to destroy fine design. But WebOS is still so out there! Surely someone could steer it back to mobile/cell phones, so we could return to pure functionality and ease of use, instead of the current max-pizzazz and little else of real use?

  • Anonymous

Criminally underrated device. Works these days as a good PDA, but back in the day was perfect for business.

I've seen phones with better cameras and more internal memory at the time of this phone's release.

  • Anonymous

I have lost my sim tray in my palmone treo 650 model.shall
I get it ?

  • Kapil

I used treo650 for 11 years. Although it cannot be used for 3G network and things related to it in today's times but I really miss the ease of using the usual features such contacts , dialling, Tasks, spreadsheets and everything it has. The palm operating system and softwares were unique and more intelligently made than any of today's softwares which mainly focuses on multimedia aspects. The best feature it has is that you can take the system image and replace it if anything goes wrong with software just as we have in computers. Amazing it was. Nothing compares till date. Thanks

  • Manju.G

It was very good phone. But I need charger. i lose my charger

  • AnonD-323850

lakai, 02 Mar 2015accessing internet on the palm 650,is it possible?yup, its possible to access the internet. either use the built-in blazer web browser or use the opera mobile for palm. but you're going to have to use GPRS or EDGE (depending on your network) for data speeds as the Treo 650 doesn't have 3G or Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • AnonD-323850

p.n.reddy, 19 Mar 2015 i want palm pda phones worked in india or not i have all s... morefor one, the 700w is a CDMA phone. meaning, unlike GSM models (like the phones we use), it doesn't use or need SIM cards. also, the frequencies it uses are for the US telco Verizon and because it's a Palm smartphone,(for some reason Palm has aversion for combining cellular and wi-fi connectivity even though the OS its using, windows mobile, easily supports both) it doesn't have built-in wi-fi. so, your 700w is no more than just an unconnected PDA rather than a smartphone.

  • Innovation


  • p.n reddy

p.n.reddy, 19 Mar 2015 i want palm pda phones worked in india or not i have all s... moreno, cament

  • p.n.reddy

AnonD-143565, 08 May 2013I have a beautiful perfect operating silver QWERTY Treo 650... more i want palm pda phones worked in india or not i have all so one phone, modl is palm treo 700 w . but the phone is sim lees phone how apprathing i dont know pl help me

  • lakai

accessing internet on the palm 650,is it possible?

  • DanZer

There is an eror in specs: Treo650 does support Java, just like any other PalmOS 5 device. Just install IBM Java VM for the way, it's freeware and still not so hard to find.

  • palmaxpc

jb, 17 Dec 2014My question is does the treo 650 pick up WiFi?Don't expect treo series can use wifi.
only Palm PDA which can use wifi(or no wifi version pda add WIFI card)normally. Of couse use 2G online is ok

  • jb

My question is does the treo 650 pick up WiFi?

  • innocent idemudia

hi l have treo 750 but l d'nt access
to internet, Why?

  • sirkwus

beng, 22 Feb 2013my palmtreo failed to continue setup number 3 of 5, what sh... morehi........,there's a restart button at the back of your treo phone.,it's a pin hole point,it's just for you to insert a pin in it and it will automatically restart itself.

  • sirkwus

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013how do i start my phone because i have tried to use the pen... morehi.........,try and hit on the centre point as much as it comes up.
it will eventually takes you to the next set up stage.

  • sirkwus

i have treo 650 but i have not been able to access the full function that's on it.
though its a very nice phone to have at hand