Palm Treo Pro

Palm Treo Pro

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  • Anonymous

a question there will be a battery replacement for this model .. ??

  • ali

how to unlocked


does this phone support whatsapp

  • oli

i want to unlock my palm treo pro mobile phone lock.please anybody give me advice about this problem.

  • Yhes

Hello I have a Questions. I need to buy a battery I where find it.. Please helpe me I am Ecuador Thks

  • KingBey

i have one of these but its a CDMA phone.

  • AnonD-342125

Where can I find the dealer in Jakarta - Indonesia? I need a battery

  • Josh

Can i ask question? Uhm. Where might be the sim card slot in palm treo

  • Zed

Buy from palm from ebay.

  • snookie

lamazo45, 29 Jun 2011Hi, Guys!! Can anybody help me to know the CTRL KEY (contro... moredouble click the batton which has no symbol on it then u will get what u want

  • snookie

sezy, 17 Nov 2011I can not browse with my palm treo again.edit your users name in internet settings with new password 12345

  • bigvab

i wana buy palm tero pro dis mant should i stop please

  • AnonD-37581

ghyzoo , 29 Jun 2013where can get the battery&charger of palm treo procharger is standard microUSB, found pretty much everywhere.
battery, try amazon or ebay

  • ghyzoo

where can get the battery&charger of palm treo pro

  • ranveer

how can formate .........

  • elsauseador

D Pledge, 28 Dec 2012Does treo pro support viber and Whatsapp pls help me nowWindows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5 no have a viber or whatsapps app..

  • D Pledge

Does treo pro support viber and Whatsapp pls help me now

  • peppy

pls hw cn i upgrade my treo palm pro windows os v6.1 to v7.0

  • swaga

pls i have palm treo spring and it cease to display service and network how can i go abaut

  • AnonD-66591

pls help me to change the language from hebrew to english thanks