Panasonic A100 Series

Panasonic A100 Series

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  • Paul Dowsing

My wife loves her new EB-A100. Where can l get additional polyphonic ringtones from please ?

  • Porcia Vand-Cartal

Could a phone be any more rubbish?

  • karthik

The A100 is ok..not too impressive when compared with the GD55. The GD is much sleeker and better finished when compared with the A100. Just open the battery compartment of both phones and a casual look shows that the finish of GD55 is much better. Further, there is a bug in the display. When the contrast is adjusted to a darker level, two dark lines appear on both sides in the 'contrast' option. Strangely, this is seen only in the black and grey colored phones, it is not seen in the other two colors. Plus, GD55s screen used to get illuminated brightly whenever a message is received, but the A100 can cough up only a weak brightness. And the tones are pathetic, the GD55 has some great classical tones. The A100 should have been introduced before the GD55.

  • Halissa

I love my A100, it isn't a toy. It works the same as any other phone. It doesn't have WAP, unfortunately, so getting new ringtones is tough, but it handles polyphonics, which I loved. It was cheap, but I wish I'd known there was a red one when I bought mine. Black gets a little boring.

  • Yesenia Sosa

I have a bad comments, because a lost connecction frecuently and can't hear very well.
With Motorala's cells phone I hear better and it never lost the signal.

  • 12Irs12

this is a nice phone. before i had siemens cl50. A100 is best for basic use.Its got nice voice clarity, much better than GD55,also they added larger SMS capacity(abt 100)

  • murali

Can you send me any ringtone for this phone. thanks

  • Anonymous

This phone is cute, but I find it very basic, and had I have known of the limited capabilities, I doubt I would have bought it.
Having NO WAP feature is a pain.. The fact it has polyphonics is great, but the standard tunes that come with the phone are crap... And there is no way of downloading any others.. 1/10 for me

  • phonechick

I bought the A100, it wasnt until I got it home that I realised it does not have the WAP feature nor GPRS, therefore you can not download ringtones onto it.
You have to compose your own tones using the melody composer, which would be ok if I could actually find a site that had key press tones for the A100.. Anybody know of any?

  • Anonymous

it is the updated version of the gd55. It has a calendar and one extra game. They are exactly the same size.

  • Fred Cheng

Create and Inbox (Message in general) must have a selectable LARGE FONT (3 liners. This is helpful to older people without the need of the reading glasses.

  • machibaybay

well actually i don't have one of it. just want to know the latest price of Panasonic A100 in Philippine Peso.. so cool and simple. not too cheap, not too expensive just suits my daily needs...

  • NA

How is the earpiece sound? Is it loud enough?

  • kunle olorunsola

just got my phone sent from the US but after working for 3days, refuses to accept SIM cards. It says insert SIM and to SIM with PIN, it says enter PIN after which it says insert SIM card. can anyone please help me out.the IMEI is 35343600-0335181

  • Ganesh Salian

I would like to know if I can download ringtones of my Panasonic A100 and if yes which site can I log on to for Hindi ringtones. Also if I can download Picture logos.

  • Ganesh Salian

I would like to know if I can download ringtones of my Panasonic A100 and if yes which site can I log on to for Hindi ringtones. Also if I can download Picture logos.

  • agnetha

i've bought a panasonic hp. i realise that i can't get through the group caller...why?

  • giriraj kothari

great features but bad sound quality

  • DayFly

i hav to a100 rocks. Initialy i bought it cos it ws small but my worry ws that it may be too small and thus too feminine since im a macho macho man. the paradox weighed in my favors when i showd my frends who commented its cute, small, neat and "strange" which is more than i can ask for from a funky budget fone.

  • ihaveangeleyes

The best 2 site i have found for ringtones are:­?LANG=English

They are ment for the GD55 but since this awesome fone is basically a copy they work with it... trust me these sites are hard 2 find if any1 finds better PLEASE PLEASE email me and let me know!!