Panasonic A210

Panasonic A210

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  • derk

i like the design of it. small and simple. but it is unable to downlaod another tone.

  • 7

i had thisone few years ago.i wonder,how can't you download any tones or images.i was able to do that, but only in the beginning.and when it started to strike,i sold it,because i heard,that its just the beginning and soon everything will stop working.i dont think they sold new ones anymore,but dont buy it as used phone,its quite sure that it doesnt work.

  • Lily

Hi I am in New York. I like this phone because it is tiny and not a flip-phone, which i hate. I am concerned though because i do not know if it is a tri band world phone. Is it 900/1800/1900? or just 900/1800? If someone can answer me this i could be grateful... thx!

  • Frank Ssentongo

I just added a comment about this type of phone, and i still stand by what i added. Now in case of loss, how can it be located? I am in Tanzania (East Africa).

  • Frank Warren.

I am very happy to have baught this type of phone. But on the options of countries which can download ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers, there is only one African country. What can i do, i in Tanzania-East Africa, to have access to these things, because i need them soooo much? Thjanks to the manufacturers of Panasonic A210.

  • Frank Ssentongo.

Panasonic A210 is one of the "BEST" mobile phones i have so far had. Many in the area where i live have great admiration for it-so unique. However, i have never succeeded in downloading ringtones or wallpapers or naything like that!! I wonder why? Otherwise, it is a lovely phone-type which every body wishing to be unique should have.

  • s

it is lookig but have some features. but there r some problems in accessing GPRS,downloadig ringtones n wallpapers and picture msz.its hans free mode is not working in good way. i will give it 5 marks in 10.

  • freddie

a210 is basically a girly phone. looks cute, small, decent, disadvantages are no extra features, its just d basic cell phone. you will have problems downloading ringtones & wallpapers. good phone for kids...its cute.

  • ants

Cant wait to buy it, can some 1 pls tell me, if the speaker on the fone has good clarity? In other words does it sound as good as the nokia loudspeaker,when you chat to some 1!
can some 1 asnwer this question! Ill check for the responce later on today! Thanks

  • nana dad bought diz phone for me..its really cute and all that but im having problems in activating gprs..buying ringtones and wallpapers..i really wish i didnt buy this phone.i think it does not have any specialties at those out there..don't be fooled by its cute designand small size...bbuubye

  • kasi

I am using Panasonic A210 from last 4 months but i could not download Ringtones or wall papers.

please letme know how to do this

  • :)

Another remote control !!! Hahahah !!! I know that panasonic also designed tv and air cond but that does not mean the must create a phone look like a remote control !! hahahahaha !!! hahah !! hahahahah !!! LOL !! :):):):P

NOTE : ARE YOU ALL RUNNING OUT OF IDEA CREATING A PHONE ???? HAHAHAHA !!! Next time create a phone look like an alien ... hahahaha !!

  • Anilrajgopi.R.R.

A very goog phone but Very few preloaded ringtones are available. How to download midi ringtones for this model?

  • New Pana

Just got this phone few days ago, it is nice in general. Just wanted to rid from my Sharp 3G 902SH, bulky stuff. You like photo shoting, bluetoothing, true color screen, mp3 ringt, PDA function? sorry it is the wrong opinion you looking for. This phone comes with good value, and the key feature, as the package states, slim and compact. It also comes with color screen, poly-p ringts, good appearance, nothing less than a "phone" in 21st century. Especially, during summer you could put it into your pants pocket, and feel nothing. The size of A210, 10 year ago, appears only in sci-fic movies. I just feel "back to nature" when I am using it. What else do you expect from $67-priced phone.

  • Harsh

In first view it is great. But in regular use
it is not so good. when you download ringtones.picture and memory become ful then it become very slow .Its key response is very poor.but ringtone quality is good. sound quality of speaker phone is poor.

  • Santhosh

Even I got gifted by my friend a Panasonic A210 Handset. it is so beautiful and got lots of appreciation from many friends and colleagues.Its picture clarity, size of telephone book, looks etc is amazing. But I am also facing problem in downloading wallpapers and ringtones. I am using Airtel connection on it. Can anyone tell from where can we download ringtones/wall papers for this particular model in India? Guys, you people are asking so many questions, which will be answered if you just go through its operating instructions (small booklet). Still I would like to answer some of them. MMS is not available in this model. For handsfree mode, u have to press long the # key. You can delete single or complete history by going to options. Thanks. Santhosh

  • Babuji

I am using a mobile handset from 1995. I have switched over to PANASONIC Brand since 1999, eventhough I am using my other line with other brands. Nothing to beat Panasonic A 210 is my 5th handset since 1999. I am very happy about the Brand PANASONIC. It is handy, Value for money and better than high valued other brands. The lone disadvantages is I can not pick up common Acessories like Head phone, Car charger etc from grey market, becoz Panasonic is not a favourite brand in the grey market. Regular dealers are not stocking these items> Battery in Panasonic last 3 to 5 times longer than other common brand.

  • Karthik

hi this is karthik from hyderabad.i bought this mobile last month.really it is good.before i was used the nokia to nokia ,A210 is very handy.but no head phone is suitable for this mobile.i think this 1 is the drawback for this mobile.

  • Gopal

As for the piece it is cute. At the price of Rs.4000 it is cool to have this. But main problem is with downloading ringtones and wall papers through GPRS which is a big havoc.

If anybody knows how to enable the SPEAKER PHONE option in this handset (panasonic A210) please tell me.

  • X-Man

Hi the phone functionality are wonderful but the comments are very poor.Check out the grammer mistakes while sending opinions....