Panasonic Eluga I7 (2019)

Panasonic Eluga I7 (2019)

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  • emkeen

Finding no other way out, I had to purchase this model as my other mobile (Moto G3 third generation) has been split into two parts as local battery (claiming to be foreign) hs developed a bulge in its middle. I am not a mobile savvy person and in this pandemic situation cannot go to the mechnic far away from my house. So I purchased Eluga i7. But its guide is insufficient to handle the mobile. While setting up I had swipe for the pattern, which is not little very cumbrous. How can i get rid of using the pattern while using the mobile in 15 minutes three for four times even more. I do not want this security locking. Can any one help me?

  • Anonymous

emkeen, 22 Jun 2021@Kunalmzr I have gone through your comments and to me it s... moreWhat are you even talking about?

  • emkeen

Kunalmzr, 19 Dec 2020Yesterday one of my familiar carpenter guy bought this phon... more@Kunalmzr
I have gone through your comments and to me it seems you are very sensible person and your comments are very balanced. I find with any Panasonic mobile device, users/experts make negative comments. Is it because it is Panasonic and Indian. I do not have any animosity against the Chinese devices which rule the roost and are very good. I was using a Moto G3 (third generation) which was extremely good. Its old battery has been replaced with an Indian one, and after six months or so it has expired. It showed bulge and the device had become in two parts. In this pandemic situation I cannot go out and repair the device and replace the battery, going out is risky while in this second wave infection numbers are increasing, I am nearly 78 years. Though I have taken both the doses of Covishield, I feel it is still risky. So as an alternative phone for the time being I want to purchase this phone. Will it be a good buy?
I bought Moto G 3 for its features, its camera is good (I am very much fond of camera). How is the photo quality? I do not need it for gaming purposes rather academic one (I was a professor of Calcutta University, and retired few years back), so you understand I need the phone not only for calls and WhatsApp, I need it for wider purposes). As someone in said it is Eluga I7 Enterprise Edition, which is an updated version of Eluga I7 Edition, I do not know the difference as I am not a mobile savvy person. At present without the Moto G 3, I am doing quite well with my old Nokia E 65 (bought in 2009). I am handicapped by the SIM card (BSNL), I do not have any nano SIM, and cannot convert it to nano as I cannot go to the Customer Service Centre of BSNL, and am happy with BSNL connection as I am very low user of phone for call. Now please tell me whether it would be good buy or go for any other phone with micro SIM, with the budget like this or little more.

Eluga i7 is an technology demonstration from Panasonic showing that they can make worst product. It has lot of issues like touch screen hangs, ring volume goes mute every time you get a call, you cannot revive call... Etc. If you want to waste money then buy this phone

The new LG mobiles division in the making. LOL

Panasonic phones are dead

  • Alphy

Super cheating.... There is no magnetic sensor in it as said on the specs.

Yesterday one of my familiar carpenter guy bought this phone as a the first smartphone. And I got to set up it for him. So, basically I took a demo of it about for 1 hour. So, here I am sharing my experience.

1. The build quality is good. The plastic body feels strong and premium. Size is good enough to use in one hand.

2. The back cover can open to access the battery and 3 slots. E.g. sim 1 and 2 along with the memory card. But it is tricky, if you remember Nokia 540/535, then you will get it easy way.

4. The cameras are good. Back has flash. And the front is good if there is enough light.

5. The back speaker is really loud in standard room.

6. The touch is good. And works well.

7. The back fingerprint sensor works fast (not very fast or slow, considering the price). And also the face unlock.

8. Android 9 is minimalistic and has no bloatware or custom skin. It is simple, light and fast considering the RAM (2GB).

9. Typing is smooth as Google Board is provided. So, you don't need to have stress about third party keyboard.

10. Both the SIMs supports 4G with VolTE (dual Jio Sims) and works well. You don't need to remove the battery to insert them. But has to restart the device so that it can detect them successfully.

11. The FM player works well and has a simple layout.

12. The device comes with a pre applied screen protector with another one, and a pair cheap but good in ear earphone set, a solid TPU transparent hard back cover and a charger.

Overall, at 5000 Indian Rupees, it is good deal considering you need a phone with some bit of multimedia at a very very tight price and don't want to go for a Chinese brand.

My final thought.

1. Buy it if you are a student and do tons of online classes.

2. Buy it if you need dual 4G VolTE device at very low price.

3. Buy it if you only use calls/messages and chat in whatsapp/telegram a lot.

4. Buy it you are first time smartphone user.

5. Buy it if you need another back up device to carry, if you main device is out of charge.

But don't buy,

1. If you are game junkie. This 2 GB little device will support definitely "Temple run 1/2" or "Hill climb Racing". But not games like "Free fire", "Call of duty: mobile" etc.

2. With 2 GB ram and mediatek processing power, the device can handle light multitasking like listening to FM player and chating in whatsapp. But if you are the guy who runs 5 or more apps together; then don't go for it.

3. The 16 GB in build storage with memory card support is good for downloading most of the Google apps or essential apps like train/air ticket bookings, banking apps, fitness apps, wallets etc. But don't overload it with 30/40 appps like a more powerful device, in that case it will get slow and hang frequently. As most apps now a days runs in background and uses both memory and data.

Summary: at 5000/- Indian rupees it is complete package as a phone. Comes with all the accessories which you may have to buy in another 1000/- rupees.
Best part is the removable battery.

Considering the price, build quality, brand name; I don't see there is anything to complaint.

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020If this phone is lost and I know what is it's IMEI num... moreTo track a phone number by IMEI, you have to take help from local police authorities.

They will ask the network providers to track the device and then it will be find by network service providers.

  • Ben

I am using eluga i7 as altrnate mobile, used a month
1. Good battery
2. Camera avg
3. Sound good enough, audio through ears are perfect but not loud
4. Network and wifi coverage is awesome
5. Handy not heavy.
1. Slow processor, lagging is there when you open a application
2. Not so good in sunlight

  • Anonymous

how is the performance of this phone ?

  • Anonymous

If this phone is lost and I know what is it's IMEI number, why it should be difficult to track it?

  • yoyo

it is good but too expensive for the performanses

  • Anonymous

q, 27 Mar 2020In future we will value things like privacy and reliability... more wait wat about google. It steals info 2

  • Musketeer Oliver

Which chipset is it actually using?
Can someone tell me ....please..

  • q

In future we will value things like privacy and reliability of the brand not chinese high power chips.
So company's like panasonic, lg etc. are the future.

  • Anonymous

Average Joe , 21 Feb 2020How can a reputed company like panasonic make such shitty p... morebecause Panasonic´s main tech is audio , not mobile phones, same as LG phones, they have TVs and more, it is Panasonic but also the have no such budget for mobile devices as other thigňngs they made, thats why it sucks

  • Average Joe

How can a reputed company like panasonic make such shitty phones..

  • Senn Lens

The screen ratio is around 2017. Screen resolution is 2017 for budget devices. But, the other specs seems back in 2015-2016 for low end or mid end smartphones.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

DantE O2, 29 Jun 2019why do they bother to make something like this in 2019? not... moreSome people buy a new device each year?