Panasonic GD67

Panasonic GD67

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  • tj

i don't know how to activate the vibration on this thing. can you please help me?

  • Anonymous

my mom had this phone for about 3 years an she gave it 2 me and i have it now for about 2 years. it's really strong, but really boring so i'm gonna buy a nokia.

  • kits

Initially it was working fine... but now phone gets hang after some time.... some time its screen goes blank.... for correcting this i need to take off the batery.....

  • venkat

There is a constant message box full symbol on my GD67 even when my inbox is empty.Can any one help pl.

  • jay

bad phone, messages get rejected saying inbox is full when it is atually empty, after a year something went wrong and does not allow to store messages in the outbox

  • Anonymous

really wouldnt encourage anyone to get it.cuz u would hav to be spendin money on it all the time. the speakers go bac afta a while and the GPRS its all dat either and u get viruses while using it which causes u to hav ur messages rejected. doesnt allow u to download much. u can get a few ringtones though but no games. the little ting at te bottom isnt reliable either, it keeps jumpin off.well if u still want to buy it go ahead. its your choice to make.

  • Jay

i had this fone for a while. it was ok at first then afta a yr it jus started givin problems. the speakers went bad. due to the wap feature i had gotten a virus which caused all my messages to b rejected.i had to keep carrying it to b fixed. if i was usin it for a long time like (using the GPRS) afta a while the fone would jud shut off. eventually i traded it for a nokia but i must say it was a nice fone,good enuff features, very small and neat.

  • Anonymous

very good phone there is one problem with the battery.

  • uloho

i have GD68 model please send me info on how to record for 1hour with it thanks.

  • isabella

i had this phone and it was the best phone ever but then i sort of dropped so when i took it to the shop to get fixed they lost the charger and the black bottom bit so now i am stuck with the vk wich does not work!

  • Suba

I heave an GD67 and I can't activate my GPRS. If anyone knows pleas write me(


I am having GD68 model. I could not download ring tone of our country(India) especially Tamilnadu

  • prathap.c.pillai

i am using gd67 for the last 2 yrs.i am having trouble with gprs activation.i am at trivandrum,kerala.using bsnl sim card.iwould like to know the settings details for gd67 so that i can use the gprs facility provided by bsnl

  • Anonymous

i'm 16 an the reason i bought this phone is becuz it's reallly small, light and cute but after havin it a yr i realised it has some major problems.....
1. i can neva properly connect to WAP
2. the games and ringtones totally suck
3. even wen my inbox is empty there's this red envelope on my screen and the phone sometimes rejects msgs
4. the small bit at the bottom got loose and fell off so now the back doesn't stay on
5.picture mgs neva come through

  • Lester Johnson

oh i was not reading between the lines either..
its not you bob. its someone who left the field
name blank... my deep apologies.....

and about the fone going off, i'm seeing the symptoms now...

  • Lester Johnson


Your not reading between the lines...
i said "IF ONE EVER... EXIST"
Review the forum.......

but you should agree with me when i say this is
a good fone for your 99 buck...

good luck BOB
greetings of peace from the other side of the planet....

  • bob

i have this phone, and all i can say is that it is excellent and reliable, only minuse is poor build.

  • Anonymous

Lester Johnson, i would be very much obliged if you could tell me whereabouts i could purchase the phone u mentioned with parachutes. i must say having just bought this phone it is fantastic, but parachutes sound like a good extra

  • Lester Johnson

I tried to check the price and i was wrong about $140.00. it's already $99.99

nextime, check the price list before commenting about the price in this forum

shame on me!!!!!

but again, what else could you expect from a
$99.99 cellfone
$99.99 Beat four JACKS!!!!! urgh....

yawning CRAPS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lester Johnson

This is a good fone, not the best but good fone.

i've read most of your comments and the one that got my attention was "it always turn off by itself." wow, wiered. you see these fone has a battery saving feature "turn off" and "turn on" on time.
you can find it it "applications" and then "clock function" set the time for it to "go off" and when to "turn on". i dont make fone
calls while i'm sleeping, so i configured it
to turn off at about 1:00 am and back on at about 5:00 am, saves battery... if calls are important to you then just dissable the feature using the same procedure.

about the net/wap/gprs features, ofcorz every piece of device has limitation.
crap? ehhehehhe. what do you expect from $140 cellphone? be a mainframe computer?

why not buy $10,000,000,000 worth cellphone with surround sound, dvd player, MP3, Media player 11, parachute, stealth capabiites, SAM, nuclear reactor, link with nasa, mutli-lingual dictionary, plasma screen, cable-tv ready, xbox, GPS system, maps of every street in the world, built-n airconditioner, gas range, camping tent, wardrobe cabinet, 50 cal. machine gun, stinger missiles, anti submarine topedoes etch!!! if one ever exist.

my point is this is $140 cellphone, what do you expect?

next time, think before posting in this forum.

Pieces of neurological CRAPS!!!!!