Panasonic GD75

Panasonic GD75

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  • Simon

The standby time is kinda short....
had problems composing the ringtones...
any idea where i can get the ringtones for Panasonic GD95 ?

  • Simon

The phone is unable to read chinese characters and while playing the game if a call or message is received the game ends.

  • Daniel

I live in australia and I dont know of any sites that I can download tones or logos from that can be sent to my phone

  • K.s

Best phone ever

  • christos

I would like to ask you,how i can use the ringtones for gd75.(the synthesis is not with's like D,E,E#.
My opinion is that the menu itS not beter from the other panasonic models.More options.yes but no easyer.

  • Maz

the best gud lookin phone ive ever had BELIEVE

  • steven

not long ago i got a nokia 3330 but that was just to use until i can buy this and now that i can buy it on bt cellnet pay-as-u-go i can't wait it's light it's sexy it's well built and it has loads of great features like record ur own ringtones and voice memo and etc etc i also recommend motorola phones they are also nice and reliable(nokia/siemens/ericsson)can got to hell this my advice if u want a nice decent mobile phone get a panasonic or motorola or trium the rest suck

  • Amin

Hello, i am really cofused with what phone to buy, i really like the Panasonic GD75 and the Motorola V66!! I dont know which to choose. Can Anyone Help Me, i have MSN messenager so you can add me or just email me and tell me which is better in looks and styles. Thanks Alot.

  • Tobias ingberg

how much is it

  • jaleel Mayat

could you sen me a price list of all you phones

  • FoXX

I have the standby time problem, here in Spain, 2'5 or 3 days only. I had a nokia 3310 but this is much better, the quality of sound is excelent.

  • rich

I have had no problem with standby time in australia...been around 4-5 days.

  • Yanju

this looks like a lovely phone even though i don't have it..but i trust Panasonic to always surpass expectations with splendid ideas

  • George

Great mobile with great features... i think as compares with the other panasonic mobiles, but very disappointing with it's battery. Stand by time up to 50 hours. Did anyone heard anything about this? If anyone knows whats happe please mail me.

  • daniel Petcu

it's nice!!

  • Gautam Arora

i dunno y its rated 8.5 at the design......coz it doest look cool at all......short and fat.....
i dunno y its got 8.3 in performance when the stand by sux.........
8.3 for features which r nothin great........nothin revolutionary!!!!
i dunno y u r checkin out the opinions section coz u shudnt b thinkin about buyin this one.... :-)

  • milt

Very short standby indeed.
One good step Ithat helped a lot was to uncheck "automatic network search" and check "manual" in the network settings. This greatly reduces battery consumption and did not cause any network problem at all, at least for me.

  • Mazen

I have also been charing the problems with very short standby, about 40-60 hours. If it aint getting better Im gonna leave it in for guarantee-reparation, this sucks! Otherwise its okay, light and good looking

  • Marius


  • mrQ

He's nice