Panasonic GD87

Panasonic GD87

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  • Anonymous

Robbie, 22 May 2020I still have my one it still goes after 20 years but batter... moreI just got mine out of loft, started to charge light came on and phone fired up but sadly charger stopped working 😢

I still have my one it still goes after 20 years but battery dont stay charge for long so i still use it for one thing only its alarm clock
As one of the ring tones was always a favorite .

WOW! Video recording in a phone from 2002! This is very impressive! :O

0.1MP camera?

  • AnonD-545845

Great phone for me. We were partners in 2006:) Very good quality photos due to time of released this phone. I remembered that this phone didnt show name of people which sent you sms, only their number. But still great.

  • kostas

i have panasonic gd87.i saw that gd87 has loudspeaker[open hearing].Why you wrote ''LOUDSPEAKER NO''???

  • Jcs

to transfer pictures to a pc i use infra red

  • Matt

william redmond, 11 Dec 2010can anybody tell me how to email the pictures in the data f... moreI don't think the email function works on this phone. Mine has a computer-phone cable where you can put pictures direct onto the computer. Did you get this cable when you bought the phone?

  • william redmond

can anybody tell me how to email the pictures in the data folder exactaly what i need to do otherwise ill lose some good old pictures.

  • Hussain

I got this phone and it had kick ass camera back then.
i got it for rs. 32k at that time and after 2 years i sold it for rs. 4k. it was the best thing i had back then.

  • Owais

Guyz this was my 1st cell phone. I purchase it on 24/dec/2003. it was a very nice set. it went out of order in jan/2008. when it fell into battry burst due 2 over chrgng.........

  • Jigga

I have a problem with this phone.i have a few years since i didn't use it and now when i inserted the sim card in the keypad is locked.I tryed to unlock it but i think i forgot how to do that.
Can you tell me how can i unlock the keypad?

  • Muhammad Ali Zamir

i m using this phone since february 2004. i really love it. a very easy to use phone with all required features.

  • lebza

my phone cannot have an access to wap,mms please help me

  • dan

J, 18 Aug 2007This has a perfect camera on it and you can run a 3g sim ca... morehow can u get it work with the 3g card

  • dr

Had one from new, still going strong. Passed it on to an 83 year old family member, who finds it easy to use, fun and very useful. Quality never goes out of style. Great phone!

  • phonefreak22

love this phone...dropped it a million times and its still going strong! the battery life is very long and i wish it wasnt discontinued :(

  • Anonymous

I tried putting a new 3g sim card into this phone and the phone says "insert correct sim card". I have an old sim card that has not been active for a very long time that works on this phone...until i get reception and then it goes into emergency call mode. Do I need to unlock it? do a master reset? Anyone have any suggestions?

  • J

This has a perfect camera on it and you can run a 3g sim card of it. Runs beautifuly and one of the best.

  • viperkid