Panasonic P101

Panasonic P101

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  • rJV
  • 28 Aug 2019

This is absolutely the worst phone I have seen.. I wouldn't even take it if it was donated to me. The display resolution 480p when other phones at this price point have atleast a 720p display. The touchscreen is a pain to use. Sometimes it drifts so much that it types a completely different letter from the one I am touching. The battery after just one year of use drains in just 1 to 2 hours from 100 to 0. Doesn't connect properly with bluetooth headphones. And the included accessories are a joke. Build quality to hardware and software is really bad. Panasonic has no business making phones.

    The display is absolutely THE WORST I've ever seen (excluding feature phones). And to think this phone was released just this year, it makes me really disappointed.

      It is an absolute useless phone. When you buy it you just get 4 gb space which is worthless. Touch screen is not responsive. You cannot copy numbers from messages, saving first time numbers is a task and the 2 gb ram is just bad. I can't sometimes use my phone because it's slow. The SwiftKey keyboard is horrible. Just does not read your scroll. For 7k it's a bad bad investment. I'm buying a new phone because this is not worth a 2k phone. That's how bad it is.

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        • Anu
        • 7ki
        • 18 Apr 2018

        One of the worst phones in can get at this price that ....we better not talk about processor...but the screen has very low resolution. You can get SD435 phone at same price.