Panasonic P9

Panasonic P9

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  • akash

Its phone will support in cast screen

  • Anonymous

Why would you put a software home button on a phone that has a physical home button. You don't need 2.

  • AnonD-691126

This phone will be huge. More hits more interest. Gotta love that wallpaper.

  • AnonD-441601

Its still twice as fast as Lenovo A.
Lenovo A have only 512 mb ram and 4gb of disk space.

  • Anonymous

Saw the brand and got excited. Saw the specs and I was crushed. My beloved Panasonic releasing a phone with only 1gb of ram?? Gd :/ even 2gb struggles these days

  • belly

in 2017 just 1GB ram.....from big name"PANASONIC"

You know you're at a low when you have to copy another phone's wallpapers

  • Aaqib

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2017is that the same exact wallpaper from HTC 10? jesus christI'm viewing this on a HTC 10. Had to click on this phone after I saw they took the wallpaper. My tummy hurts from all the laughing. Oh Lord...

  • AnonD-473668

Why even have phones for three year olds? If you're simply cheap BestBuy has almost 50 Unlocked Phones ranging from $30 to $80, the LG K7 has comparable Specs (even LTE) and is a year and a half older for a lower price.

This has Specs that are several years old and only a few features that are acceptable. What's a baby supposed to do with this, there no suggestion it's a Toughbook and can take a good smashing. You're not going to need GPS, do you let your baby out of sight and need to track them down.

Caveman phone.

  • AnonD-674238

BEST PHONE for kids to understand tech, because low tech phones force you to learn on how to run better apps

  • AnonD-596296

These are chienes rebranded phone

  • Anonymous

is that the same exact wallpaper from HTC 10? jesus christ

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2017good phone for low range..the lowest range for sure (with kindly 1gb RAM).

  • Anonymous

good phone for low range