Panasonic SA6

Panasonic SA6

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  • marcus

apparently, one of the shop assistants told me that the VS2 is much slimmer so its at the cost. look at the razr. the sa6's kinda thick you see

  • bubbleboil

wats the diifferent between this phone and singapore VS2 seemed to be ore expensive. if so, whichis better?

  • Marcin

Mam tego tela i jest superrr!!! Panasonic SA6 the best phon on the world!!!

  • drake

only red?

  • nashera

the phone is beautiful,sleek and definately superb.anyone who would want business with it has got the right phone.How do I get like 30 handsets of this kind,I'm a bussinessman

  • Silva

SA6 has a great design. I hope it is very user fridendly like all the Panasonic products. And also the features, specialy the display with 16 million are amazing. It is a hit.

  • daula

i love panasonics new models which have 16 million colours. can you send me one sample piece so that i can have a try and then if i like will buy it.

  • Anonymous

Awesome it is....I am using one right now and it is simply amazing. Best phone I have ever had.

  • joychin89

Does anyone know how much can this phone store as in how big is the memory?

  • Anonymous

wow ! amazing ! 16 millions colour ! omg ! go panasonic !


16 million colours!!!!!, wow this is awesome, must have an amazing photo wow this is future and panasonic has totaly became the world wide mobile phone producer, go panasonic

  • Panasonic Ideas For

This is it Panasonic Power 2005 Nokia will finally go down where its place is!Panasonic Forever
P.S:For The admins the brand Panasonic must be upper then Alcatel and siemens!!!