Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1

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Design looks like something for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

    • C
    • Christopher
    • IJg
    • 22 Jun 2020

    toughpad new, won't load past the start up ANDROID screen!!! It will just idle and adle. Is the a hard reset, a recovery USB?. Need help here with my PAPERWEIGHT from PANASONIC

      • A
      • Aru
      • XUJ
      • 14 May 2019

      my charger is not working what can be the option for charging???

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • YPe
        • 12 Mar 2019

        my charger is not working what can be the option for charging???

          • s
          • stan
          • mTX
          • 29 Aug 2014

          Using it every day at work.
          Looks solid and tough.
          First impression when using: jesus how slow!
          So laggy and slow device, i just dont understand, even when it has a dc processor. Even internet browsing is nervwrecking.
          My opinion: piece of crap, much better devices out there.

            • D
            • AnonD-211456
            • w0P
            • 06 Dec 2013

            It could be upgradable to 4.2 or 4.4 KitKat...

              • D
              • AnonD-200381
              • qTX
              • 27 Oct 2013

              Okay this ain't no kindle, and who cares about apple.
              If you want a tablet that can take abuse, and trust me if it slides off the seat of your lexus or bmw, or benz, it won't get hurt. The OS runs silky smooth, and it does have 1080 dpi resolution, so what's the issue. It was built before beats audio, and if you want concert sound. USE YOUR STEREO!!!!. This is for the daily combat zone called "REAL WORK"

                • M
                • Manish Kumar Singh
                • 9Eu
                • 11 Nov 2012

                Its cool

                  • e
                  • emilzone
                  • u{G
                  • 13 Jun 2012

                  like panasonic toughbook laptop, this toughpad will find its niche in military or industry people..

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • nvU
                    • 31 Dec 2011

                    Android is currently most unsecure mobile platform. So for me is not choice for using in industrial enviroment. Also, I think is difficult to find suitable and quality software for business area. This everything combined with impossibility to manage and include this device to company infrastructure give me reasons to use e.g. UMPC or tablet pc with MS Windows.

                      • m
                      • mochima
                      • piI
                      • 29 Nov 2011

                      it will be great for my 2 year old son. he can not break tablets anymore. :)

                        • y
                        • yeabilo
                        • YcG
                        • 12 Nov 2011

                        17.7mm Omg is it really

                          • n
                          • nikolan
                          • 04N
                          • 10 Nov 2011

                          Guys this device is made for the industry. Lower resolution is for longer battery life :)

                            • D
                            • AnonD-26975
                            • LES
                            • 10 Nov 2011

                            i think it looks cool, this kind of device is build to last, i might consider getting one (im not a civil engineer, but i really like rugedized stuff)

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • LES
                              • 10 Nov 2011

                              wooow, considering that i play hard with my studff, seems that this can even take a bullet! its not for everyone, just for people that work on dirty environments.

                                • D
                                • AnonD-11224
                                • mvc
                                • 10 Nov 2011

                                s, 09 Nov 2011What the heck is this? After all those years Panasonic come... moreYeah, what's wrong with it Mr? They have a newer approach. I think it will be very suitable for engineers and others working in tough conditions.
                                Not everybody uses their tablets on the train, bus or while being in bed or on the sofa!

                                  • G
                                  • Gfred
                                  • qnM
                                  • 10 Nov 2011

                                  Magnesium alloy? hmm..sounds expensive

                                    • v
                                    • vivek
                                    • tU3
                                    • 10 Nov 2011

                                    please panasonic... ull do a disaster if u relaese this...ull not be able to sell even 5 piece world wide lol

                                      • d
                                      • dodol
                                      • wra
                                      • 10 Nov 2011

                                      this is tablet for diver

                                        • s
                                        • ssentinel
                                        • LBM
                                        • 09 Nov 2011

                                        by the look of the table it seems to be a waterproof, and really hard to break, so i think it will beb the first of its class, thats why the low specs