Panasonic VS7

Panasonic VS7

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  • Anonymous

This phone is ment for the European market


The best Japanese product is always kept for their local consumption!

  • TJ

This is the best camera/video phone to date. Its like a portable camera in a phone. It has all the popular features and I like the USB (cuz I love to connect phones to the computer and mess with it). Obvisouly it has to have Xpandable Memory theres just no way a phone like this could be made without it.

On the downside, it will be pricey.

  • Anonymous

does it have bluetooth?

  • mika

a lot of japan's cell phones are not featured in this website as i think they are only for sales in japan.

  • anonymous

most of the japan cell phone companys make very good cell phone. there are more cell phones in japan which are very good but unfortunately for sales in japan only. i'm glad we have these new cell phones from panasonic which are like those they have in japan.

  • Anonymous

Is this a phone or a camera im confused...

  • Anonymous

16M colors display? Is this true? It's gonna be expensive!

  • kuen94

VS7 can support mini SD? it really or not..
Who can help me to define..

  • radotomov

This will be my next phone!

  • Reagan

It Is the greates phone i ever see..... But something that i hope it can improve,that is features Symbian OS!!! If the phone have this features,sure it will become the most best!!! Panasonic i trust u..... (",)

  • Matthew

Yes!!! this phone has bluetooth and expandable memory! this is the best phone ever. 16 million coulors, bluetooth, minisD, 2mg camera and 2 screens. This is indescribable, wonderful! i'm getting this, oh yeah...

  • Anonymous


  • newbie

what is a symbian OS? can someone explain to me pls? and does this phone have bluetooth, how much space it have? answer pls.. =)

  • kongo-bongo

does this phone has bluetooth help me i really wanna learn can you imagine 16,000,000 colours 2 mp aND NO BLUETOOTH

  • skater42

The new phones include MiniSD card slots so you can rest assured that PANASONIC isn't completely stupid.
After all I think there is something called Market Research and they won't forget you guys.


PS: Get the info off their official web site.

  • sg

cum on !! ode sti shp hav external card slot? or juz some pathetic internal memory?? pple pls be more sensible!! dont juz assume tis is a gd hp

  • satish

A Phone should not big like Nokia phones or small as samsung x460, it should be light weight and medium in size and thats what Panasonic has done and thats why panasonic is a leader

  • Anonymous

The Empire strikes

  • Gary

looks stunning, and that screen 300 candela (is that how its written?)

panasonics TV technology in a phone!! magic.
and forget Symbian and BT, I've got both and after messing about for a couple of months I can no longer be bothered, battery life is a pain. Give me a phone I can use , that looks great.
i think i've just found it.