Panasonic X11

Panasonic X11

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  • moe

i have a x11 set but i lose my install cd so please install exe file send to me.

  • Eddie

Beep America in Brooklyn and Queens sell these phones... HOT!

  • Kevin

I receive x11 from my friend, so i have not a driver to connect to my PC, Please give me a link to download or *.exe file to install to my PC. Thanks very much.

  • Ivan

The phone is pretty good,with some little mistakes in it


its nice

  • brian

i have seen this phone on the internet and just want to know if you can get this in the united states. no one has ever heard or seen it. if so where can you get it

  • Kim

I'm thinking about getting one of these phones. Can someone who already has one let me know if you can download ringtones of actaual songs, or if you can only do poly/mono? Also, can you tell me anything that you don't like about this phone? Thanks.

  • elysee

I love them.


what the hell? is this fone a shoe?

  • Envy

ok i got the X11 and i kno the phone aint really come out can someone tell me how in the hell u send picture messages i told to send pictures so many times and it doesnt work someone let me kno something before i break dis damn phone


iz dis a good fone kuse ima gettin it

  • Anonymous

just a standard phone ! nothing special !

  • lei

any one know where got sell this phone?or got any site can buy this phone

  • Anonymous

not very good.

  • WiLlYzZ

I love the design alot.. Its so unik.. But i hate the wallpaper so confusing and it hurts the eyes when u look at it for like 1 minutes... But i love it.. has more memory than X70.. and can download stuffs...

  • sheldon frederick

i need x11 english manuel

  • Santo

Does anyone know if this phone is still selling in Hong Kong? All the websites still advertise this phone but i've looked around and most phone stores have never seen this phone! Plz reply!!...sum1

  • alex

any one know will this phone sell in singapore

  • Nguyen Dinh Tuan

Thank You!!!

  • shanita

where can i go to get ringtones