Panasonic X500

Panasonic X500

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  • tot


  • ANN

hi guys,i just want to know, if how much is panasonic X5OO, in australian dollars?

  • c.c.e.h

The design..not bad.The function can add more,eg.(game) .The time of video is a bit limited , can make it longer .But the colour is ok..& its good 2 have composer .

  • Just'sphones

If you're not fussy&looking for a small slider phone with Camera+Video...!!this Pana X500 is just right..!!available now for around USD$285.00..!!come in 3 colors too..!!cheers

  • xxx

I can say something about crapness:
"jakie chan"

  • jakie chan

what can i say about crapness


price: eur 300,- (unlocked).

other slide phones:
siemens sl65: eur 600,- (unlocked)=>(not available in most stores because of the mistake with the off-noise if the battery is nearly empty)
samsung sgh-e800: eur 600,- (unlocked)
sagem myc-4:eur 99,- - 150,- (with registration)

  • clang

dont guys have a phone with bluetooth and infrared at the same time. im a current user of sony ericsson and thinking of switching to a panasonic phone, but the thing is, i cant find a panasonic phone with a bluetooth and infrared at the same time. thanks.


x500 states tri mode phone. website for worldex states dual mode which is it.

  • nehhy

I love panasonic X500 but for the absence of an infra red port!

  • Maki

The price is ca. 300 and comes out in octobar 2004

  • Stephane

?? What ?
No, Panasonic don't stop phones ?!

  • kg

damn! panasonic are churning out the phones!

  • Stephane

I'm waiting for a UMTS/WCDMA model from Panasonic. Next year ???
When the X500 will be available in France/Switzerland ?

  • kizzie

i need to know when this phone hits the streets

  • Samad

I like to have a X500 but it is very expensive for me!


there is no way we are gonna make it a debate.we are civilized and we have the right to think differently.anyways i have had a bad experience of panasonic phones when samsung has never betrayed me.and believe me the semi-automatic mechanism with the rails hidden internally was first introduced by samsung.

  • blahhh

wad other forms can you take? its either in a candybar form or a slider form or a clampshell form. even samsung is starting the candybar series, are you saying that they copied motorola? please be more mature, and lets not make this a debating forum. to each his own views. cheers. well, one thing i hate is that there is SO little information on the x500!


yeah was the first to release a phone withlinear sliding and not circular like 7650.also the mechanism is by far different.this panasonic phone copies the mechanism of samsung

  • blahhh

ultimate.. its so small, so cool! wonder when its coming though.. coz its wad i need, somthing simple and small. the design looks funky too!! i doubt the camera quality will be good though. but i will just take it as a plus point, i rather use my digi cam that does wad its supposed to do.
why samsung? why not nokia? they came up with the slider option first(7650). if so it will be samsung copying nokia!
SHIT.ANOTHER COPIER OF NOKIA.UNFORTUNATELY IT DOESNT HAVE THE QUALITY OR THE FEATURES OF A NOKIA. wadever man, dont slam the phone, compare it with its own category instead. why not compare a bicycle to a F1 racing car? sorry to be so harsh..