Pantech C790 Reveal

Pantech C790 Reveal

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  • Anonymous

how i can upload apps and use it plz

  • chong p,Philippines

tiger, 08 Sep 2012how do i use this cellphone inthe phillippines?I was given one from the US but problem is it could not be opened by technicians cos they could not get code from internet.How could we open so we could use it?

  • Himanshu

Is there any way to transfer contact from PC to Pentech c790??

  • tiger

how do i use this cellphone inthe phillippines?

  • Anonymous

This is the greatest phone I have ever had! All my phones have lasted a few months or so and then died for one reason or another. This phone has survived for two years now, and I have dropped it thousands of times, yesterday it even took a rough trip down about twenty feet of rocks into the ocean, after about thirty seconds of waiting for the tide to come out i picked it up and turned it back on no problem! Would DEFINITELY recommend it!

  • jahbiggs

this phone need to go bk to the drawing board an come back it stuck too much, i fix phone an trust me this is one that give mi a hard time

  • Cassie

It's not the greatest, but it works. I text quite frequently and unfortunately this results in me breaking the buttons on occasion, but they always seem to start working again on their own. It freezes and reboots on its own occasionally. However, I've dropped it off of a ten-foot-balcony onto concrete and the battery didn't even come out. Still works like a charm. Well, a charm that likes to turn itself off/reboot every once in a while. But I've already mentioned that.

  • felicity

i hate this stupid phone. I cant wait til i get the HTC Inspire

  • manole

is great phone

  • Anonymous

This is a great phone for us "older" users. I guess the young kids don't like it, but I love it! Never had a problem with it...until it was stolen. Now I need a new one.

  • Ken_M

Fine phone for calling. Good sound and connections. However the predictive text is a bit frustrating. Tends to present the most illogical word first. For instance typed "HeJr" by accident once, now it gives me that word first ahead of "help". Or "ur" first instead of "up". Anyone know how to eliminate words off phone's predicitive dictionary?

  • Anonymous

its great....... trinidad

  • Anonymous

I really like the phone but the screen freezes up and you have to pop the battery to getting it working again. It must be a software problem because I have exchanged it 3 times and my son's has been exchanged twice.

  • Anonymous

what you talking about willis? I think it is a great phone in my opinion. But i think yall are wrong.

  • Anonymous

it really sucks i only had it for 6 months and the screen does not work i did not drop it and neither water damage i would not tell people to buy it.

  • Anonymous

60 buttons??? its a finger nightmare + ugly looks

  • zaida

it doesnt have features for radio. it is limited

  • Tier 3

Why does it have to look so ugly?

  • Anonymous

It looks okish. Camera sucks though.

  • freak

1st interested