Pantech G300

Pantech G300

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  • chinu

i was using dis phone,and i rly loved it :D
its stil wid me but battery is totaly dead..and i m nt having its charger as well
so can someone please tell me dat from where i l get its battery and charger....i want to make my phone renew again :D

  • Ashu

Hi this is very cute handset also verry attractive

  • SaDiQ

I dislike it due to low battery capacity.......
but it quite small and attractive..
It also does not support other network other than its specified network

  • Lalo

amin, 28 Jul 2005i bought a nice G300 2days a go and i love it i want more scree... moreI'm trying to get the G300 Pantech I had one and I lost it. Where could I find one.

  • Vagn H.Ebbesen, Ph.

Neat little phone, but it takes more than a Ph.D. to use it... Just got my hands on one of these for test purposes and I can't even figure out how to set the time... Whoever designed the user interface gets an F-

  • sherebano

I have got the pantech G300 model Im not been using it due to the security code been forgotten by me as i tried many codes but all in vain i tried to connect to the computer n delete the code but all goes in vain if any1 can help me hw to get thisthing off my phone so i can use it

  • IKV

I own this phone, and I like it. It's small enough that it fits comfortably in your pocket, while providing many of the same features of your bigger model phones.

  • abbass maghool

very good

  • E

i want this phone (lol) anyway ye buh bye :) ccccc'''''zzzzzzzz uppppp!!!!

  • Anonymous

i never used this phone.but i guess,this phone is really suitable for women....especially for the teenagers( girlz....)

  • Anonymous

yyyyuuuuujjuuuuuuu!!!!! itīs great!!! i love it! and itīs mine jeje!!!

  • nour

i need my cd (pantech sync G300 version 1.0)
is not open ,plz how i get the informatin in this cd.
Can i install tongs in this mobile

  • coco

is cool

  • Graciela Contreras

ŋi want to know how can i get pantech accesories g-310 in tijuana B.C. Mexico?

  • Tasha

Hi everyone. Last December I bought the Pantech G300 from Dubai (I live in London).....And I still love it...Unfortunatley a few months ago, I found out the people who I was talking to could not hear my speak, all the could hear was a fuzzy sound. My signal is perfect as is the battery, and it is not set to mute and the volume setting is perfect. I can hear them perfectley however like I said, they can only hear noise. As I am in the UK, my warranty is not an option......Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Or anywhere I can send it to get it fixed? I love this phone and would like to carry on using it....Any help would be appreciated....Tasha.

  • Albert loh

I have 1 Pantech G300 silver in Colour
- can not find the accessories like
Traver charger, Battery and Handfree

Pls May I know Where can i find the acessories


  • francisco adame

hi,this is not a opinion, mmm, but well is a quetion, I have a pantech g310 excellent cellular but I cannot see the messages multimedia (neither to receive, nor to send) and my question is how can I do that?, how can I form it?, thank's for your answer and pardon by my english I'm from mexico, thank you again

  • amin

i bought a nice G300 2days a go and i love it
i want more screensaver
where can i find?


Hey nice one Yazmin, but hope you told me that before, i already sold the damn cell phone. Thanks anyway.n.n

  • DCCB

nice little phone but searching for the phonebook and typing of messages are a hassle.