Pantech PG-1600

Pantech PG-1600

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  • angie

I recently purchased the Pantech Impact. After two weeks, I have this same problem. It acts as though it is paired with the BT headset or earbud but it's not. I turned off the BT headset and verified on the face of the phone it was not connected and even manually tried to connect again which it failed as expected. Still unable to hear the phone ringing.
Turned it off and back on. Same thing.
Another thing is you can't turn the phone off without flipping open the phone.
You can't turn the phone on without flipping the phone open.

  • Anonymous

Sweet phone design nice graphics truly undestructable

  • Anonymous

it needs to have a how to book not a begeners book

  • Anonymous

this phone cant get ring tones like it said.bad internet,bad texting

  • JohnBoy

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2008I havee had this phone for about 4 months now and all of a ... moreMy earpiece stopped working too! Strange, everything else works fine. Any ideas? is there some whacky code to disable to earpiece that maybe I hit by accident?

  • Anonymous

I havee had this phone for about 4 months now and all of a suden the earpiece has stopped working, I can't make a call or hear it ringing, all I can do is text. Though I am sending it back to have it repaired, hopefully it won't happen to anyone elses phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is awesome

  • oloyede bolade

infact it really a good product that every individual should have because it proof where technology is going with method of sim free.

  • Anonymous

The unic trouble is don´t have a Usb cable, if the system is GSM. For GSM this fone have a serial cable and them isn´t for cell,because is a new product and probably only in June this product will apear for sell.

  • Franco

I dont know the phone,but pantech is very good at least in Mexico, and is a good manufacturer

  • maher

I need some tone

  • reji

this phone is not at all goog.. nobody knows abt this company at all in india.!!!