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  • rRS
  • 11 Mar 2016

JBW, 04 Mar 2016I have the same problem as "Ash", above. The screen turns ... morelol I felt Sooo stupid when I finally figured out why mine done this. the screen protector was dirty where the sensor is on the screen just above the word pantech at the very top of the screen. hope this helps you!

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    • JBW
    • Q$b
    • 04 Mar 2016

    I have the same problem as "Ash", above. The screen turns black when using the phone (as it should while you are talking), but once you pull it away from your cheek the screen stays black. I can't hang up, can't press a key, can't do anything. I have to pull the battery to effectively hang up the phone. But, the screen is up and running when I restart it, with no other problems. Seems like more of a software problem than a hardware problem. The vibration setting died about 1 year after I owned it. Otherwise, it has been a sturdy, cheap phone.

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      • AnonD-392426
      • 42f
      • 06 May 2015

      I got this phone a couple of years ago because my mom refused to buy me an iPhone when our contract was up. Before I even used the phone, I resented it. I was just mainly upset that she didn't want to get me the iPhone and got me that piece of junk. Anyway, I would say that the phone is of mediocre quality.

      -Good phone if you aren't looking for a smartphone
      -Small so it can fit in pockets easily
      -Battery life is pretty good (taking into account that I barely use my phone because I like to use my iPod Touch instead)
      -Has essential tools such as a calculator, stopwatch, and alarm
      -Can load music onto it.

      -Poor camera quality (also very difficult to see a photo when someone sends one to you)
      -No front facing camera. When I first saw the phone I though that the front sensor was a camera and was very disappointed to find out it wasn't.
      -Very sensitive. You have to be careful when taking the phone from pocket/purse when receiving a call because it is very easy to reject the call.
      -Sometimes the phone will freeze up. Let's say you had the phone slid open and then you slid it closed, the actual display of the phone will stay as if it was still slid open for a few minutes and will not respond.
      -Messaging is one of the most annoying features on this "quick messaging" phone.I think that you can get up to somewhere around 300 messages before you have to delete the messages or the phone will NOT receive any more. It's annoying to stop what you're doing in the middle of a conversation to delete messages; especially if you're already multitasking.
      -Also, another annoying thing about the messages is that a message will always pop up saying "message sent" and it's even a hassle to lock your phone after you send a message because it will light back up making it easy to accidentally unlock it if you've already put it into your pocket. I have accidentally unlocked it a few times and have called people but caught it just in time.
      -Don't get me started on the passcode. If I were you, I'd just not put one on the phone. When you unlock the phone, the message "Phone unlocked" stays on the screen for about 5 second before you can do anything. I don't understand why it can't just unlock without making a scene.
      -The phone is just bad with multitasking, period.It seems as you can't do anything until one thing is clearly done, such as the "message sent" or "phone unlocked" message.
      -You can load music but the volume does not go very high when listening with headphones. Also if your phone gets shaken or affected by an outside force, the music will skip.
      -Brightness does not go down very far

      This pretty much sums it up. As you can see, there are more cons to this phone than pros. I wouldn't necessarily say that this phone is 100% horrible and that you should not buy it, but I am saying that you should be aware of what you're getting yourself into. I would recommend this phone for parents who are thinking about getting their child a phone that can call and text but not so much of the other stuff like apps and social media. There are pre-loaded social media apps like Facebook and Twitter but I'm sure it can be disabled. I would also recommend it for people who don't like smartphones or just want a simple phone. It can be annoying when it comes to phone calls and messages but it does still get the job done. I am happy to say I will be rid of the phone in July to get my very first iPhone!

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        • qAX
        • 28 Nov 2014

        Anonymous, 27 Nov 2013i was in the kitchen when suddenly my phone got really hot ... moreThe same thing happened to me!!!! I really hate my phone and it sucks. I don't know what I'm supposed to do when it happens, so I usually take the battery out for a few minutes.

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          • AnonD-288724
          • 4tP
          • 29 Jul 2014

          AnonD-279716, 03 Jul 2014I've endured this phone for a year now. The call quality i... moreI have your solution. Buy a LG Vu Plus GR700 on eBay or something. It is THE BEST non-smartphone for AT&T at this time, and it is now discontinued. It DOES NOT require a data plan. It is fast, responsive. It has a good 3MP camera, with flash. All around it works better. I don't know how email or web browser works since I never use that feature.

          I tried the Pantech Renue for 3 months to see if it was better. I found the Renue to be a sluggish, ugly-screen, battery hog. I am now selling my Renue and bought another LG Vu Plus on eBay. It is a great phone and I swear by it. It is better than the current LG non-smartphones (Expression, Expression 2 etc).

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            • AnonD-279716
            • NFj
            • 03 Jul 2014

            I've endured this phone for a year now. The call quality is worse than terrible. I've had the phone replaced, had a new sim card installed, and had the settings adjusted by AT&T technicians. Nothing has helped. But, unfortunately, short of a smartphone, there doesn't appear to be any better product being offered on the current market.

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              • AnonD-279367
              • 0du
              • 02 Jul 2014

              I'm thirteen and I've had this phone since November of last year. Its an awesome basic phone and would be a good starter phone for kids if you don't think they should have a phone that can or would be stolen and it has an amazing battery life(I got three days of use on one night of charge) but the battery itself only lasts about three to six months at most. However there are a few downsides to this phone;
              1. It doesn't have the best camera(or a front facing one at all)
              2.After a while you have to delete many text messages or it won't receive anymore (which sucks in the middle of a text conversation)
     doesn't have much memory space as I mention above with having to delete text messages
              4.It doesn't have the best internet experience
              There a great things about the phone As well.
     is LOUD(wonderful as an alarm clock)
              2. It truly is pocket sized (easy to lose) but very portable.
              Hope this helps

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                • AnonD-272668
                • jKX
                • 10 Jun 2014

                I've had this phone for a couple of months and have been happy with it. It is sturdy, and I like the compact size. It has an adequate camera, music player, and communication features you would expect from a basic phone. The touch screen is very responsive. Keep in mind it is not a smart phone, you'll be disappointed if you expect it to behave like one.

                Several reviews complain of battery issues. The battery lasts several days or more on standby (phone on, screen locked). I'm not a heavy talker or texter, so with light use the battery life is more than adequate for me. Also the battery meter does not reflect the true state of the remaining charge. It appears less than it actually is. It will make an odd intermittent beep sound when it is really dying! The first few times you recharge it, check the meter frequently to get an idea of how long it takes to charge up. I would not leave it on the charger overnight for fear of damaging the battery or charger. Mine goes from completely empty to fully charged within 2 hours.

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                  • AnonD-272668
                  • jKX
                  • 10 Jun 2014

                  Mad, 16 Oct 2013I got this phone new almost $250 in the AT&T store and ... moreIf the battery won't hold a charge, did you try installing a new battery?

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                    • AnonD-272668
                    • jKX
                    • 10 Jun 2014

                    shawnygie, 03 May 2014I have one and cant change ringtone this phone stinksThe phone comes with a number of ringtones pre-installed, which you can reassign as desired. Instructions for changing the ringtones are in the user manual available on the Pantech website. You can also download additional ringtones or transfer them from your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Any mp3 music file smaller than 400kb can be used as a ringtone.

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                      • AnonD-272668
                      • jKX
                      • 10 Jun 2014

                      The screen is supposed to go dark during a call. There is a sensor in the upper right corner of the phone that detects when your face is next to the phone, so you don't accidentally press the touch screen with your face and interrupt the call. When you move the phone away from your face, the screen should come back on automatically.

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                        • Ash
                        • qiH
                        • 28 May 2014

                        I have had this phone for a couple of months now, and recently, whenever I make a call, the screen turns black. The only way it turns back on is if I pull out the battery and restart the phone. Please help.

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                          • AnonD-267997
                          • 9At
                          • 27 May 2014

                          well i accidentally dropped this phone in some water and the screen stayed on, so i yanked it out and dried it out using a nearby hand drier.
                          again i keep on having the multiple rouge apps. this phone crashes randomly, especially if it takes too long to send a message. and now the cell coverage sucks. it sometimes cuts off and comes back. cell coverage is spotty like best. i made a risk to switching from samsung to pantech, and i regret it. samsungs were 10 times more reliable then this sad pathetic piece of hardware.

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                            • shawnygie
                            • yBB
                            • 03 May 2014

                            I have one and cant change ringtone this phone stinks

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                              • GeriG
                              • fem
                              • 01 May 2014

                              May I start by saying I love the size, style and settings on this phone. I ordered a used one online, but the phone was bad. It wouldn't send texts after just two days and the call quality was very very poor. Next I ordered a brand new one online. It seemed great.....soundwise and settings and everything. Within 24 hours, the screen went white. So, I returned it and was sent a replacement. I don't know if it was really "new", but I can say that it worked fine. However, I am still not happy with the call quality. It seems to be erratic and the phone doesn't get great (if any) signal in remote areas. My old (18 year old) flip phone with 01 technology worked better. It's really a shame because I think the Pantech Renue has some really good points and is very user friendly. A real phone for dummies but yet has a lot of options.

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                                • Jordan
                                • 4Zk
                                • 22 Apr 2014

                                This being my first phone, I was satisfied for about 7 months, and now, when I try to charge it, it says "Check Battery" and doesn't charge. I have not found any solution for this problem, and I have tried multiple chargers. I don't get an upgrade until next summer, so I'm SOL. I would not recommend getting this phone. If anyone had a similar problem, please respond to this post.

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                                  • qLQ
                                  • 30 Mar 2014

                                  I have had this phone since May 22, 2013. Today is March 29, 2014, and honestly I can say this may be the worst phone I have ever come across in my life. I was given this phone by my parents and within the first 2 months of having it, the battery completely died out. We had to order a new battery. But the trouble didn't stop there. Soon, horizontal the touch screen began to stop working and, because of that, I cannot text, nor slide or press the right part of the screen to receive a call. Now the only thing I can do is call--barely. I would get a new phone but my contract isn't up until November.

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                                    • dreamdragon
                                    • 9Av
                                    • 11 Feb 2014

                                    well i dont know about all you pantech renue owners, but mine has a nasty ability to make more than one app..
                                    currently, i have:
                                    2 tool icons
                                    2 setting icons
                                    4 powersaver icons
                                    4 bluetooth icons
                                    4 videoplayer icons
                                    16 app manager icons
                                    and 6 app centers
                                    but you wanna know what makes it even more annoying:
                                    however the phone has an awesome speaker, which i use to blast my tunes.
                                    speaker is top grade!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 4H4
                                      • 28 Jan 2014

                                      how do you get SIM card out?

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                                        • 4Xx
                                        • 10 Jan 2014

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