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  • froyo

This is great phone for the people who just need talk and writte simply messages. It´s very very good.

  • Anonymous

when i record voice is there a possible way i can set it as my messaging ringtone?

  • AnonD-6217

A nice business phone

  • Hann

Toejam, 30 Nov 2008There is no media player on the Slate. There's no GPS navigation... moreJust because YOU can't FIND something, doesn't mean it ain't there duh!!!!

  • Hann

SE G900 user, 01 Dec 2008HHHmmm... Really odd! Low res display, 1.3 MP camera, no 3G, no ... moreDude, this phone is for text lovers and people who like SIMPLE EASY TO USE phones. people who like those fancy smartphones need to go buy one! BTW: My mom has an iPhone and if you drop it one to many times, IT TOTALLY BECOMES A PIECE OF CRAP!!!

  • hann

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2009My phone keeps randomly turning on and off. it won't stop. it st... moreYes, if you go to settings, somewhere (over the rainbow...haha) there is a RESET PHONE button. You will loose EVERYTHING except you contacts on your sim...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2009i cant get the at@t sign off the middle of the main screen. How ... moreYou cannot get the at&t off the screen :(

  • Anonymous

Debbie, 22 Jul 2009Hi can someone please explain to me what will i have to do becau... moreyou could also try (if you have an AIR DRY setting on your dryer and a insertable shelf) putting it in the dryer...did that on my phone....but I replaced it anyway

  • Anonymous

holly, 18 Aug 2009does anybody know how to get a voice memo to be set as your ring... moreI had a pantech slate for about a year and then it suddenly DIED!! I miss it so very much because the phone I have now (samsung flight) sucks!! Anyways...if you record something, you can send it to yourself (type in ur # into the SEND TO box) and then save it when it shows up in your inbox.

  • Joe

Awesome phone. Water damage has caused it to begin dropping calls.

  • Anonymous

This is by far the best phone I have ever had! I have dropped this phone too many times to count, I have dropped it in the toilet (I know gross right) but it still works after 6 months. I will not get an upgrade because I haven't had a phone that works this well after so much abuse! I love it!

  • Anonymous

ive had water damage and regular dropping damaged and was working fine for about a year. today it just started turning off and on continuously.

  • Chris

Great Phone! The best phone I have ever had. It works well for everything I do. Also very roebust, has taken a lot use and abuse. Still works and looks fine. I would recomend this phone to anyone!

  • Alex

I have had this phone for almost three years, and it has done nothing to make me complain about it. I have dropped it numerous times, and it still works like new. It's a great and simple phone.

  • arnela

this phone is HORRIBLEEE! i hate it. this phone needs to die. it keeps saying call barred for no apperent reasonn. its very useless and it makes no sence what so ever about the veryy small memory it hass. i cant believe theyre still selling this phone when most of these comments are saying that its a bad phonee. they need better devicess

  • angry

Terrible phone, never ever buy this phone. I have had so many problems with this phone that i will never buy a pantech product ever again. this phone started turning off randomly a few months after purchasing it. now only 5 months after owning the phone it turns off and will not stay on for more then 5 to 6 seconds this phone is the bane of my existence.

  • Anonymous

its a good simple phone to use. nothing is wronng with it. i have had it for over a year. I am very rough with it and it still looks and works like new. It has no games though, and you cant record your own ringtone.

  • ibrahim_javees


  • Anonymous

DO NOT BUY.... I wish I would have come here before I bought mine. No battery life. That will be the think that drives you crazy. You can not go anywhere and not worry your phone will be dead. I can not stress enough - DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  • girly

i think that this phone is okay. my keyboard sticks badly!!!! and it freezes up!