Pantech Vega R3 IM-A850L

Pantech Vega R3 IM-A850L

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Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020May I ask some questions about this ph that I've IM-A8... moreto my knowledge, you can use the screen on L to replace one on K. I guess the only issue is finding one for replacement is super hard

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    • Anonymous
    • y2k
    • 03 Jul 2020

    hasan, 18 Jul 2016My phone IM-A870k touch problem.I live in bangladesh.please... moreMay I ask some questions about this ph that I've IM-A850K screan is broken so I want to replace and how to buy and order that screen then, is IM-A850L similar with IM-A850K? because I can buy IM-A850L screen part on line store. Please you'll kindly reply to me if you don't mind.

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      • Anonymous
      • XMh
      • 26 Oct 2018

      Hey guys i have im-a850l i charged it will it is in power off mode and when i charge it goes to the charging mode and suddenly itsays cablle disconnected and when i turn it on it doesnt show when it is charging

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        • malith
        • IWS
        • 12 Sep 2018

        can i have details for touch

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          • andy
          • fsT
          • 29 Jan 2018

          how can i set my mmi code

            • S
            • SHANE
            • XSr
            • 19 Jul 2017

            how can i remove the shutter sound in the camera?

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              • AnonD-654707
              • J4h
              • 22 Mar 2017

              TrungPhineas, 14 Mar 2017It comes with Android 4.1, you can upgrade to Android 4.4.2... moreHave you tried to upgrade the OS to a custom one? Did it work?
              If so, what ROM did you use? Could you share the source to download?

              I tried to upgrade through OTA, but it didn't work, leaving the message "no registered s/w".

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                • TrungPhineas
                • trZ
                • 14 Mar 2017

                It comes with Android 4.1, you can upgrade to Android 4.4.2 using OTA or just Flash a custom rom, the highest is Android 7.1

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                  • Anonymous
                  • t7X
                  • 26 Jan 2017

                  How to change lcd and touchscreen

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                    • charith
                    • iwp
                    • 12 Jan 2017

                    my sky vega im-a850s phone is not power on
                    how is make?

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                      • TreasonWei
                      • IVL
                      • 07 Dec 2016

                      Nana, 04 Sep 2016Please I use Vega 860k but it does not support any code I d... moreyou need to buy A850S
                      K and L is not support MMI code

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                        • HM
                        • bEL
                        • 17 Nov 2016

                        Is jio sim suitable in Pantech vega r3 iml 850

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                          • franzkk56
                          • KgW
                          • 20 Sep 2016

                          This phones is serving me more than 2 years now and it never fails. Though it looks like beat up now with dents and scratches. The battery is lasting a whole day with 1 full charge and it has never degraded since I bought it. Bought this device for only $70 and totally worth it. The only downside for my unit is the hardware problem with my touchscreen the lower part of screen is hard to use but with Xposed framework nothing is impossible. Best phone ever had and totally worth every penny. Thanks

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                            • Nana
                            • fsT
                            • 04 Sep 2016

                            Please I use Vega 860k but it does not support any code I dial starting with the star and harsh key. for example *124# to check my balance, it gives me connection problem or invalid MMI code. I am in Ghana. Thanks.

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                              • AnonD-572730
                              • Lbd
                              • 15 Aug 2016

                              My vega r3 when torn on internet, all aplication automatic installing. How to stop installing apps. Pls help me

                              My emial

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                                • usman
                                • Lbd
                                • 15 Aug 2016

                                My vega r3 automatic installing apps.pls help me how to stop installing apps?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NiB
                                  • 08 Aug 2016

                                  my vega im A850L TOUCH has cracked how can i get new one am from tanzania

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                                    • Jimmy
                                    • TLE
                                    • 27 Jul 2016

                                    Bonna, 13 Feb 2016I am using 850L. it was running very good. But a few days a... moreJust press the power button very fast a lot of times, might jam up due to moisture, if that works, use some clear tape to tape the button to prevent any moisture in.

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                                      • hasan
                                      • uNV
                                      • 18 Jul 2016

                                      My phone IM-A870k touch problem.I live in bangladesh.please help me.

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                                        • ssele lee
                                        • wYK
                                        • 15 Jul 2016

                                        why can not text for many?