Periscope camera of Oppo Reno disassembled on video

Peter, 28 March 2019

Periscope cameras are a way to provide long focal lengths in the slim form factor of a smartphone. But how do they work? A video that shows the disassembly of Oppo Reno camera could shed some light on that.

The periscope module measures only 23.5 x 11.5 x 5.73mm. Its thin enough that it can fit into phones without creating a major hump. Its quite small overall, so it doesnt take up too much of the internal volume.

The module consists of three main parts: prism, lenses and sensor. The lenses come out as a unit, they are a special D-Cut design that helps keep the module as thin as it is. A magnetic coil moves the prism to achieve optical image stabilization.

The main wide-angle camera of the phone also has OIS, but this is traditional design. You can see both stabilization systems side by side at 2:15 in the video. The two cameras can work together to achieve 10x hybrid zoom.

Wed love to see a disassembly of Oppo Renos selfie camera too its a pop-up camera with a unique design.

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Reader comments

  • Habib wardak

I don't get it if they claims that they are the first to announce 10x zoom how come p30 pro delivered it first and even upto 50x

  • Alien

Just look again.. It's for the selfie camera.­­no-case-759.jpg

  • s-pen pusher

hi. this periscope camera is on the back, not the front. it allows for optical zooming on one of the camera modules, not for use with selfies.