Periscope videos are finally embeddable, live autoplay turned on for Android

21 July, 2016

Twitter-owned Periscope has announced three new features today. First off, you can now embed Periscope live feeds or recordings, but not directly. Instead, whenever you embed a tweet containing a Periscope video, that video will be playable inside the embedded tweet - no more need to click a link to view it. So that's (some) progress.

Next up, in the Android Periscope app live autoplay is now turned on for videos in the Watch tab and Global Feed. In both cases, the videos will autoplay without sound, thankfully (emulating Instagram's way of doing things in this regard). If you want to get the full live streaming experience, including sound, for a video you find interesting, you only need to tap on it.

Finally, replay highlights generate a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast. You can watch highlights of your home feed, highlights of someone's profile to get a quick idea about their previous videos, or even highlights for any search result to get an overview of any topic. Replay highlights will be available on Android as well as iOS "in the next few days".