Philips Fisio 625

Philips Fisio 625

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  • just_crazy

where can i get some free ringtones for my mobile ... i don't have a cable and i whant some ringtones :((

  • prateek

Well the main problem with this handset is, it cannot download ringtones without GPRS and if other mobile subscriber send the ringtone it is not received. so is there any site from where it can be downloaded.

  • cayley

sugest me how to download ringtones in india on fisio 625

  • kailash

how can i download ringtones in india.

  • Koko Bone

hello I have philips phone fisio 625, but not open my email in my phone..

  • D.Manikandan

Can anybody tell me how to compose my own melodies in Fisio 625 ?

  • Ricky

Could it be possible to create your own melody in philips fisio 625. If Yes,How?

  • Yunizar

I am very happy having this phone. Because the fiture is ok. To charge the batterey only take about a half hour and stand by for a week !!! It's very powerful. I can call to someone only "speak" about the name. I can recorded the sound. I am very happy. This phone is the Best for me.

  • burak



You americans, don´t now anything about european languages??
Arrivederci, means good bye!
Yes it surfes on the internet, wap 1.2.1, this phone is beautifull, and it has lots of features, like photo call, live voice, voice commands, polyphonic ring tones, organizer, etc...
To ganhe the language to english, press "0" for 3 seconds on the keypad, and you go directly to menu languages.

  • Mr. Hammond

We bought Fisio 625 on a recent trip to Italy to use when in Europe on my music tours. When I opened the box the entire manual was in Italian with Vodaphone sim card. I managed to get it to work for sending and receiving phone calls even though all I could understand from display was when I turned it off it says "Arevederci"!
I could not get a manual for it in English here in USA from Philips because they do not market cellphones here. I am looking forward to getting the instruction book downloaded so I can learn some of it's more advanced features like e mail and internet surfing? Does it surf on internet?
Mr. Hammond

  • The|SpAwN

I bought Philips fisio from a friend with approx. 55$... what can i say is that on the outsite it looks nice.. but on the inside:

- lots of firmware bugs !!! -one of them is: When you press a button while the keypad is locked, and the message "press and hold C to unlock" and i press the C and hold it, it won't unlock my keypad... i must wait until the message dissapears.

- I hate the profile... it can't be personalized ! - i want to personalize 2 profiles but i can't... only one. sucks

- I have no ideea how to compose the Own ringtone...

- I don't know how to assign an immage to a user from my phone book (just to a group).

- Philips does not take care of client's interests... i searched for more info about the phone on their site and found... 0 (zero) in english.

- I searched for some firmware update & update program... but not found either.

If you can help me with some of these problems, please mail me ! thanks

  • "nanang" M Arifin

i bought philips fisio 625, i think i will have a longest batterey phone in the world, but the fact my phone just stand by for 32 hours not 330 hours, i really disapointed with my fisio 625, because i am a workholholic n can wait to charge my phone, i need attention from philips co, thank you, my addres on Bima 15th sukoharjo, solo, central java indonesia


Dio, looks like you were listened!!:)
Philips will launch a new xenium called 9@9++ itīs beautifull and it has a nice white display!

  • dio

This is really very nice phone and it has got many functions. Standby is an excellent. With normal use it lasts from 7 to 10 days (switching off over nights). My first phone was Genie, than Ozeo 8@8, and at last this Fisio 625. I have trust in Philips' phones. They really proved thier quality with reception and standby autonomy. It's a pity that Xenium 9@9 hasn't got many functions as Fisio 625. I think Philips should make a new Xenium with these functions. It will be the best phone ever made.

  • 625 user

Guys, this phone rocks, it costs 99 euro (about 99 dollars) and it has lots of functions, voice memo, voice dial, gprs 4+2, email send/receive, extra-long lasting battery (10 days running up to now, switching off at night, and I have half battery still), extra good signal reception, nice organizer up to 300 appointments, up to 7 fields per contact, cool blue keys and white display. The lack is on SMS managing, it sucks there, non sms char counter, only last msg editable ecc.ecc. Nice looking, small and light. Buy it without infusio (the game) or it will be a money waste ('cause no memory free). Cheers.

  • quim barreiros

that's not the correct adress, it's I have it and I like it, altough it has some lacks...


What can i say????
Some people donīt understand anything abuot mobiles and came to this place , tell stupid thing with any sence...
If you have any doubts, check the and see the review made to the fisio 625 then speak!
My autonomy is 4/5days,it depends if you have the light on/of and the calls and the usage that you made to the phone, you can turn the light off during the day and you will see that increase your autonomy,try it!

  • bob

How to set the memory ? How to delete the games ?

  • Sylvia

well I actually have this phone and I like it!!! (except for it's autonomy-3days is unaceptable) nice menus good price it crashed 1 time... but I can live with it!! :))