Philips Fisio 820

Philips Fisio 820

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  • I have yet fisio 826
  • Dk9
  • 24 Jan 2021

I have philips fisio 826 yet. It's can't working still now but my first color display phone in 2002. I proud feel at that time I had best phone in my friend circle. Philips do better and once more time u come in mobile market with best technology phone but at chipper price. people trust on name philips. Do fast....

    • K
    • wHr
    • 02 Oct 2014

    MY FIRST Philips Fisio 820, i can't navigate.

      • A
      • Ahmad Suparno
      • Pxi
      • 03 Jan 2011

      I Have used this phone in the past. this phone is great in that time. But the problem is the phone always hang/error sometimes. may be from software problem, so i sell the phone.

        • O
        • O' cHuZzLe
        • ib4
        • 24 Oct 2007

        this phone is a bit nice...
        the phone that i am using now, its a little bit sot... u know what i mean... and the charger is gone dead.. so i decided to make my own charger, and it works.. haha... i studied it on the internet just to make my own charger..

          • s
          • sarpa
          • PSL
          • 27 Aug 2007

          This phone is horrible. I brought this phone in 2005 january & it's been giving problem to me exactly after one year. It hangs & response is very slow. Is there anyway by which I can reinstall the s/w?

            • j
            • jay
            • mHp
            • 30 Jan 2006

            Considering all the negative comments this phone has got - whoz voted it 8+ for design, features and performance. For itz time it did look fab I'll give it that, but it is - without a doubt - 1 of the most fiddly, annoying mobiles ever created!! Itz definitely not one for texters ... sending a text from this is like getting blood out of a stone. Oh and once you get indoors with it - forget about having reception!!

              • E
              • Esmile
              • mtt
              • 21 Aug 2005

              well thanx so very much, i liked the phone only that i got it the uk (england) but am in africa now only now that when i insert in my card it demands for a spck code" which i dont know so dear pliz i will be greatful if this code is sent though my email add'

                • m
                • manoj
                • in{
                • 17 Aug 2005

                the only problem i faced with the phone is network. in low network area the call got disconnected many times.

                  • r
                  • raagavan
                  • PIW
                  • 22 Jul 2005

                  i have this phone but i am unable to unlock the phone and i also taken the phone to dealer its an AP set can anyone let me know where can i get the code to unlock the phone .TQ

                    • C
                    • Cheryl Calache
                    • TKv
                    • 07 Jun 2005

                    Quite a nice phone but cannot install blue tooth in the car blue tooth adaptor which is attached to the cigarette lighter, despite many attempts with the bt function in the phone sycronisation etc. It works with Nokia and Sony but cannot get it to connect with this phone. Anybody know how to attach, would appreciate some help. Cheryl

                      • H
                      • Hasnain
                      • ypp
                      • 30 Mar 2005

                      As it was one of a few free upgrades from Orange I went for the fisio 820. Yes people say its a sexy looking phone and I agree with them. It's also small and light enough to go in your jacket pocket without you knowing its there. Yes the menu system has won awards. But that's where the good things end for me.
                      1. Only stores about 10 sms.
                      2. Reception for me is pretty bad compared to my old 6210.
                      3. There are so many buttons to press and it gets confusing so it's not user-friendly. Even after having this for a week, writing 10 sms a day, I still press the wrong buttons - and I have to press more of them. Intuitively, it doesn't work for me.

                      Why should I put up with this? Sexy yes, small yes but there's gotta be something better!

                        • H
                        • Hasnain
                        • ypp
                        • 30 Mar 2005

                        network signal very poor, on orange network, i changed phone thinking there maybe a fault, but no change.has anyone else experienced this?

                          • H
                          • Hasnain
                          • ypp
                          • 30 Mar 2005

                          its great but i cant get my WAP working and the blue tooth doesnt work with sony erikson phones.

                            • H
                            • Hasnain
                            • ypp
                            • 30 Mar 2005

                            How can i free some space in the phone like that of the game that is havin much is causin a lot of space i need a way to free that stuff out ... !!!!

                              • H
                              • Hasnain
                              • ypp
                              • 30 Mar 2005

                              Whaere can i get WAP settings for this phone?? can anyone help me pleasee

                                • M
                                • Mokete Moabi
                                • Tj%
                                • 01 Feb 2005

                                my phone is not able toreceive the pictures and ringing tones from other cellphones via blue thooth technology, i think the prolem is the set up. can you help pls

                                  • a
                                  • agama
                                  • 29 Nov 2004

                                  i,ve had this phone for 2 months now and the bluethoot does not pair up with my set610 and it doesnot install wap settings sent over the air.

                                    • j
                                    • jimmy
                                    • 30 Oct 2004

                                    its nice, how can i get ringtones on it

                                      • d
                                      • di
                                      • 25 Oct 2004

                                      hello.can somebody tell me how can i see the numbers of the people i have in my phonebook,because it only shows the names....and another thing...if it is set on silent,when somebody calls me and i do not answer,at the end of the call it makes a sound,how can i get rid of that sound(because it says silent...or??)thank you...

                                        • H
                                        • Hajj
                                        • 08 Oct 2004

                                        I bought Fisio 820 in Uganda in January. It is indeed a good phone with nice facilities but the battery is a problem. It used to last for 7 good days when I just purchased it. But today it can just take a day or two. Unfortunately, we do not have Philips mobile dealers in Malawi. So there is no where I can purchase a new battery. I am afraid, I will just throw the phone away in a few days time. Can you help me?